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2. huhtikuu 2019

I’m trying to download this app and it says page can’t be found. What’s up?? Is this free integration not available anymore? Anyone else experiencing the same issues?

James Ascher
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 10 päivää
Mailchimp vastasi 3. huhtikuu 2019

Hi there, we're very sorry to hear you're having issues installing ShopSync. We’ve had other users reporting this problem, and after an initial investigation, our best guess is that it's something related to the browser session inside of the app store. We're still doing some checks and balances on our end to be sure, but the redirects after install look perfect; we're also seeing hundreds of successful installs each hour.

Due to recent events, ShopSync has become a popular app, and we're wondering if something may be going on at a low level with DNS or caching inside the app store. We've also reached out to Shopify, and they have asked that we post something in their API forums for further review. We're not sure how long it will take an engineer on their side to look at things.

As a workaround, we've heard from several users that ShopSync can be installed by going to the apps listing page in Shopify. Evidently, after the first error appears, it will then appear on the listing page (just not fully installed). From there, you should be able to go through the install process business as usual. Other users have reported that by changing browsers, it resolved the issue as well.

If you're open to trying the install again, please feel free to do so. Also, don't hesitate to drop a note to support@shopsync.io if you need further assistance.

Update: After further investigation into this issue, we've found that the app store had an unusual redirect method to our installation page that needed to be corrected. This problem appeared for a small subset of users, but we understand how frustrating this behavior can be if you were one of them. We've worked with Shopify to resolve this problem and it should be fixed now.

31. maaliskuu 2019

Installed ok to link mailchimp and website. Seemed to be working fine but did a market on the weekend with over 50 sales and all customers received the left in cart email yet had completed the sale. Deleted off shopify site and deleted mailchimp too. Will do everything manually.

Anja Dance
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 7 päivää
Mailchimp vastasi 1. huhtikuu 2019

Hi Anja Dance, we're sorry to hear that, but thank you for bringing things to our attention. We've been testing on our end and so far we're unable to replicate that type of behavior. With that said, we're wondering if maybe Mailchimp was having an issue at the time your orders were going through.

We definitely want to help you get this resolved. Would you care to email us your Mailchimp user ID to support@shopsync.io so we can troubleshoot further? From there, we can dig deeper into the Mailchimp API to see what events triggered and where they came from.

We look forward to hearing from you.

29. maaliskuu 2019

I am going to beg everyone to take a closer look at your data after installing this app. I have had quite spotty performance with ShopSync over the past 5-7 days. The initial install was seamless with all data syncing just fine. No problems with the baseline — the problem is going forward. I am using a plain-vanilla install of the Debut theme. The vast majority of my new subscribers are not porting to Mailchimp and there is just no rhyme or reason that I can discern with respect to which new subscribers will sync and which will not. In an effort to fix the problem, I uninstalled the app and re-installed it more than once between March 21 and March 25. On March 27 I had to force resync to get my new subscribers to move over to my list in MailChimp. However, all data for a test purchase through the Shopify site did port to Mailchimp just fine as well as data from a real purchase just today. On March 28, 71% of my new subscribers did not sync to Mailchimp. Today, March 29, over 60% of my new subscribers have not synced to Mailchimp. If the sync is supposed to be running continuously in the background, it does not seem to be working for me.

Rosary Habit
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Noin 3 vuotta
Mailchimp vastasi 29. maaliskuu 2019

Hi Rosary Habit, thank you for the feedback. We wanted to let you know that we examined the store's submissions to Mailchimp and we're seeing some compliance-related errors coming from their API. Since we don't store data on our servers, we're unable to see the emails related to these errors.

With that said, resyncing from time to time may be exacerbating the problem and we recommend reaching out to Mailchimp's support team right away to inquire why some emails aren't making it over. Otherwise, customer data will sync over as advertised using the ShopSync app if Mailchimp allows it.

25. maaliskuu 2019

We've just experienced the same as Black Seed Co. whereby our automated emails were re-sent out to customers (some of whom have unsubscribed!) I'd recommend not installing ShopSync until they have confirmed this issue has been fixed.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 2 päivää
Mailchimp vastasi 25. maaliskuu 2019

Hi Bakedin, we're sorry to hear you experienced this type of behavior. As noted in the other review you had mentioned, we're curious as to how this could be happening with how the system is engineered. Our system is designed to not send automations during the sync process. We've been unable to replicate this in our testing environments, and we've had thousands of successful installs with no issue. Rest assured, we want to get to the bottom of things for you.

Would you care to reach out to support@shopsync.io? We'd like to understand if you had any other Mailchimp apps installed and what automations retriggered. Once we have that information we can make calls to the Mailchimp API to see events that took place under the hood - possibly even pinpointing the source of the retrigger.

Muokattu 25. maaliskuu 2019

UPDATE: Clearly not an isolated issue, as same has been experienced by Bakedin. I strongly recommend you stop all automation if you must install this app. I am now in search of a MailChimp alternative as a result of this whole situation.

*ATTENTION* Be very careful, as once you set up this app, it goes on and resends ALL automation emails to your customer list. I set this up at 4 am after receiving the notice from MailChimp, only to find out that within minutes of syncing all my customers have received redundant automation campaigns that I had set up previously. So, a very unprofessional look, and now this will affect my current future email campagins as I do not want to risk flooding my email lists again. Who knows what other issues, this is going to cause! So, just be careful.

The Black Seed Co
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 13 päivää
Mailchimp vastasi 23. maaliskuu 2019

Hi Black Seed Co., thank you for the feedback. We’ve tested this scenario extensively and we are unable to replicate the behavior being described.

To give you and others an understanding of how the initial sync works, on install, we tell the Mailchimp API specifically to not send automation messages. When the sync is done, it is designed to pick up where events left off for transactional messages only (like abandoned carts, order notifications ).

For marketing related emails like win backs, first-time buyers, etc. (and pop-ups), there is not a technical way to fuse these back together due to limitations in the Mailchimp infrastructure. In other words, there's no way to associate the unique store ID that ShopSync is using with any existing Mailchimp automation(s). Reason being, if you were using the previous Mailchimp app, it has its own unique store ID assigned to those automations. In other words, the key to door locks have to match and ShopSync doesn't have those keys.

Our best guess is that there may have been something going on either with Mailchimp at the time, or perhaps another app kicking off events in your store. But, we take any and all feedback seriously and we'd like to work with you on further investigation of what may have happened. We sent a direct message to you earlier, if you don't mind to share your store URL and Mailchimp user ID that would be a good start for us. We'll be happy to dig deeper to see what could've happened here.