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3 november 2023

NO - They overbill and under deliver. The bigger you get the worse it is as they always push more services that you don't need and that don't work. You will NEVER speak to anyone in billing if there is error so good luck with that.

There text service is horrible and has poor delivery rates. You will be charged for everything too. You can see from others and not just me there was is archaic and they have poor support.

Toltrazuril Shop
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
Mailchimp svarade 8 november 2023

Our team can help look over the account with you and see what billing adjustments can be made. Email ecommappsupport@mailchimp.com and they'll follow up with more information.

10 januari 2024

I canceled my subscription and they still fully charged me after they say they wasn’t

21 dagar användning av appen
Mailchimp svarade 17 januari 2024

Hey there! Our Billing team can help sort this out. Use our contact form and select "billing" from the drop down menu. You'll be prompted to provide your username and a summary of what's going on. https://mailchimp.com/contact/

21 januari 2024

most disgusting, making fool their customers. In adequate staff to resolve the problem

Cupid's Haven
2 dagar användning av appen
18 oktober 2023

I installed the app as I have used it in the past. Ultimately, I decided not to use it. I have found the pricing model is based of your stores imported contacts and order base. You are not given the option to import only a segment of your current customers. I have 4k customers and a specific segment of 300 I wish to email. These import models prevent me from being billed on my usable audience. Would like to see a change with Mai

5 dagar användning av appen
19 november 2023

I wish I knew how to use it

LK Boutique
5 månader användning av appen
Mailchimp svarade 28 november 2023

Hey there! Our team can help you understand how to get the most out of the integration. Email ecommappsupport@mailchimp.com and our team will follow up.

5 september 2023

Don't know yet, its connected and working so thats good.

Boxer Bands
9 månader användning av appen
17 februari 2024

Used Mailchimp for years. It's expensive but very helpful. With the ability to sync the users' activities on the website, it help to tag and classify users more effectively and accurately.

Hongkong SAR
Mailchimp svarade 21 februari 2024

Thank you for the feedback! We're glad it's making the ability to sync easier.

6 augusti 2023

I like it hope to see what email sent and the next few days shippedit2@gmail.com also how many emails will be sent daily

Shipped It
4 månader användning av appen
27 juni 2023

very good...
It was used on my e-commerce website (((www.Hiamazon.net)))
However I will keep an eye on it and will contact their customer service

5 månader användning av appen
12 januari 2024

Non sincronizza i contatti

4 månader användning av appen
Mailchimp svarade 17 januari 2024

Hey there! Our Support team can help with this. Email ecommappsupport@mailchimp.com and our team can look into this further with you.