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The app technically works, but there is a glaring bug that I'm not sure anyone has figured out a workaround for. If you send an email to a subscribed customer through Mailchimp and they click through the email and make a purchase but do not check the email opt in at the check out page, they get changed to transactional emails only. Meaning that you can't send them marketing comms moving forward. This leads to your highest quality subscribers essentially being opted out. Also, if they make it through the check out process AND check the box to receive email comms, the data gets passed through to Mailchimp as if they are a new subscriber and will get put into whatever onboarding workflow you have set up (if you have an onboarding program for new subs). So yes, this app works, but it often provides an experience for the end user that can make you and your site look like you don't know what you're doing an ultimately can turn people off to buying your products. I hope this gets sorted out eventually.

Oakland Roots SC
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Mailchimp 已回覆 2020年10月19日

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. We wanted to let you know that this behavior was patched on 10/12: https://shopsync.io/changelog.

Here is more information about it in our support area on how we handle those situations: https://support.shopsync.io/using-shopsync/syncing-information#subscribers-added-to-a-mailchimp-audience-prior-to-checking-out-in-your-shopify-store

If you're still having challenges with this after the update, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@shopsync.io.


ShopSync seems to do an excellent job until we passed the 2,000 limit on MailChimp. I cleaned our contacts of people who haven't been engaging, and our subscriber count became accurate again, freeing up room. However, looking today, I somehow gained another 20 or so contacts and seeing they aren't subscribed, I cleaned the list again. It seems like whoever is making a purchase is automatically being added to our contact list. Is there any way to not allow that to happen? I really don't have time to maintain my contact list daily.

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Mailchimp 已回覆 2020年5月11日

Hi there, thanks for your feedback. Out of the box, ShopSync is designed to be a connector between Shopify and Mailchimp. Our app is engineered to sync all orders, customers (who accept marketing), products, and revenue data.

If you would like to periodically remove users in your Audience, that's totally up to your discretion.


Very Buggy, Whenever I want to update products onto a email template, it always ask me to reconnect my Shopify store.

Shop BBJ
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Mailchimp 已回覆 2021年7月30日

Hello there!

Thanks so much for the feedback. We would like to point out that this is not an issue with ShopSync, but it could very well be a Mailchimp interface bug that we should submit to them to resolve.

ShopSync does not have any connection with the Mailchimp app itself, as our primary job is to get e-commerce data from your store into your Mailchimp account for segmenting or reporting etc.

Can you please reach out to your support team at Mailchimp and explain what's happening with your account? They should be able to help you resolve this issue. If you're still running into issues, you may also reach out to our support team as well and we'll be glad to assist further.



UPDATED REVIEW: App works ok.
Over 2 days, I've tried 3 times to sync our rather small store with SmartSync and it stalls out every time.

MHz Networks
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Mailchimp 已回覆 2019年3月25日

After further investigation into this issue, we've found that the app store had an unusual redirect method to our installation page that needed to be corrected. This problem appeared for a small subset of users, but we understand how frustrating this behavior can be if you were one of them. We've worked with Shopify to resolve this problem and it should be fixed now.

Would you care to update your review if you're able to connect and use ShopSync?


So far so good. The transition was simple and seamless, ad the Shop Sync support team did a great job creating a tutorial that was VERY helpful!

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Mailchimp 已回覆 2019年5月21日

Thanks for the kind words. Do you have any feedback for us on the 3-star rating vs. being a 5-star? Was there anywhere we fell short?


This works but the Merge fields aren't showing for me and when a customer signs up to our newsletter it takes about 5-10 minutes to send to Mailchimp and sometimes doesn't send at all even though in their knowledge base it says real time sync.

Only using the app because the Mailchimp platform is so great.

Christmas Songs & Carols
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Mailchimp 已回覆 2020年8月3日

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. We saw your review and wanted to drop a note on the syncing times. We rely on Shopify to send us webhooks for any kind of update on customers, products, and orders. Depending on the volume on Shopify's infrastructure at that specific point in time, webhooks may have been delayed. Normally, transfer times are close to real-time to Mailchimp.

Ultimately, data is not lost if there is a backlog of information to process, it just may take a few minutes to go through if the queues are backed up. We'll update our documentation to reflect this possibility, thanks again for the feedback.


I am not sure how it will work as it's a bit of a mystery. I had an import issue for an "Age Verification" field that was a required merge and their support put me through rigours that did not resolve the issue. The age verification field was a mandatory field and there was no alternative to map it to in the pop up field entries. I just mapped it to Customer Notes so it would merge my date between Shopify and Mailchimp but who knows if that can be changed later or fixed so it records proof of age properly - we sell alcohol so this is important!! I wish I could call and talk with someone but no such option exists so I am still riding blind and wondering if it will work at all - confidence is low right now.

Long Table Distillery
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Mailchimp 已回覆 2020年10月21日

Hi there, we saw your review and wanted to reach back out. We also replied to your support ticket that was posted for some of your other questions. With the situation you're describing in the review, you would need to contact Mailchimp if you're having any trouble getting that age verification merge tag put in. Once that's done, ShopSync's merge tag mapper can populate data in that field with no issue. If you want to fill in past data for any reason, you could initiate a force resync from the ShopSync app inside of Shopify.

Please let us know if you need additional support around the features in ShopSync, we're happy to help anytime.


The initial sync went really well. My contacts, products and transactions all connected successfully, which was a huge relief. Later I got stuck on syncing my tags from Shopify to Mailchimp. So far I've been working on it for a few hours and the Shopify tags still aren't showing up in MailChimp. I only have ~ 200 customers and maybe five tags so I wasn't expecting this to be so frustrating. Now MailChimp is running in slow motion and its very confusing whether sync is causing this or something else? When you select the tags in Shopify to sync to Mailchimp, there is no "save" button or "sync" indicator to show its working. Overall, I love Shopify and Mailchimp. Amazing, incredibly powerful products. But this tag sync issue has me stumped and I'm spending too much time trying to figure it out.

FlipFresh - Elevate Your Spices
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The app does the basic job but far from good. As soon as I installed the app, I had around 1500 new subscribers a lot of them were people who had 'Unsubscribed' from our mailing list in Mailchimp in the past but now since this app picks up the data again from Shopify these people have been enrolled again in as Subscribed contacts in our list and I have no way to tell which ones are which. A number of customers can get frustrated now getting emails that they unsubscribed to in the past. Mailchimp and Shopify acting like a bunch of kids causing pains to the small merchants like us.

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I had subscribed for chat support a while ago and when I had my subscription made I have asked them for help via live chat and I got just an email from them telling me that I should subscribe for chat support before they can help me via chat. I just got sent some general information via email to solve a problem. I was waiting for hours for an answer but I did not got any further help . No answers via live chat and no emails but in the end they came back to me and explained it had to do with a kind of delay on their side. I still question this answer because I had this subscription a few days already before I had my first question via live chat made. This time delay cannot be a few days? In the end we were able to solve the problem via chat then. If you would like to reach them via chat they are working only at ET time. I give them 3 stars for now and if they turn to out to be really useful in future I may update my star rating to a higher score. I stay with them for now because far more difficult problems may arise in future and it is good to stay with them for now.

Petra's Design Shop
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Mailchimp 已回覆 2021年7月12日

Hi there, we responded to your latest email and chat is now online. Please let us know how we can help!