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21. november 2023

so here's the deal: MailPass and their abandoned cart thing? Total game changer. I was like, okay let's give this a shot, right? And man, was I shocked! Setting it up was a breeze, just a few clicks and bam! And the sales it brought back? Mind-blowing. We're talking serious cash that was just slipping away before. Big thumbs up to MailPass for this magic trick!
16 dage bruger appen
AdPerfect svarede 22. november 2023

Hi Mike,

Your message just brought a big smile to my face! It feels like yesterday when you were a bit skeptical about trying our abandoned cart feature for your store in San Francisco. And now, look at you – turning those clicks into sales like a pro! It's super rewarding to see how MailPass is helping bring back that hard-earned cash. You're not just using a tool; you're creating sales magic. Keep up the fantastic work, and if there's anything else you need to keep that magic going, you know I'm just an email away.

Cheers to more success,
Eran at MailPass 🚀🌉