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Ultimate Price Negotiator

Ultimate Price Negotiator

Developed by Cupel Apps

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  • Gives customers and merchants the power of bargaining. Convert window shoppers into customers and reduces cart abandonment.
  • Respond to all offers automatically by set of negotiation rules. Capture more email leads even you reject the offer. Saves all requests as draft orders
  • Automatic installation. No coding required. Dynamic discount generation for each offer request. Mobile responsive design.

★★★ Sell More with Price Negotiator ★★★

Even Wealthy shoppers want discounts and their brand loyalty has plummeted

Among Shopify powered stores, almost one in five sales completed online last year, were completed using a discount code. In addition, merchants with an active discount code were eight times more likely to make a sale.

Having competitive prices is imperative to staying relevant in an increasingly growing eCommerce landscape. Online prices are constantly changing, and they are easily checked and compared.

Price Negotiator was developed to keep online business at a competitive edge. It allows your customers to give you a quote and lets you accept or reject it automatically. Never again lose a sale for being too expensive.

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★★ Features ★★

Negotiate Button On Product Page

App installs fully customizable negotiation button on product page automatically below the Add To Cart button.

Automatic Negotiation Rules

Price Negotiator will instantly add a customizable button to your product pages. Change the button message, text and color to match your shop design. No coding is required.

Builds Lead Emails List

Not only will your sales increase, your marketing database will grow considerably. Even if you decide to reject a price beat offer you will still have the contact details.

Easy installation and setup options

Price Negotiator installs automatically in 5 seconds and set up the rules and your are ready to GO!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. In the meantime you can try our app free with 25 free negotiation request credits and see first hand the impact on your sales.

Ultimate Price Negotiator reviews

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Application was not what I was hoping for. It's a good idea, but not quite useable in its current version.

Was easy to install and setup. Has fair amount of customizable settings (most didn't work as expected).

Needs improvement to better fit into the sales flow. Had too many problems getting it to accept my configurations, and when finally able to test, it kept wanting to add the default size for my product and not the selected product. This is a problem when the default size is out of stock.

Also, the if/then logic when the offer is well below the maximum should not default to the maximum discount allowed. Bad design, as I can just put $1 as my offer and get maximum discount off the bat.


Revision Oct 3rd 2017: Based on my overall experience, and contemplation over the fact that this app developer requires access to my dashboard and had a long response time when I initially encountered problems, I decided to uninstall and not use the app.

The developers have emailed me, that they added the email notification features "that I requested". I have not used the app so I don't know. I haven't "REQUESTED" anything. I merely pointed out to them that without such basic featured the app is no good. While I considered of retrying the app I decided against it simply because of my overall first experience.

Personally I don't like it when developers offer apps that do not have some common sense basic features right from the start.

I am looking for a product that works. The app also required me to give access to my dashboard which I now am very uncomfortable with.

I told the developer that I uninstalled their app. They asked me "firmly" to revise my review. I am revising it to a 2 star only based on that the developer said the added new email features. If they did, that is great. I would not know because, I am not using it. It is my right not to use an app.


Original experience right after installing the app on Sept 26th 2017.

Installed app, set rules, saves and enabled app. There is no bar for people to do price negotiation like it shows in the demo. Nothing appeared. I send a question to support a few hours ago. No response. No good so far

I was able to run two Price offer to see what will happen when customers offer a price. I supplied an email as it is requested when making an offer. However there are no automated messages. So if I were a customer I would basically not know what happens next. The pop up after making an offer said "We've got your request, you'll hear from us soon" but as a seller I do not know that offers/negotiations are made since I only see that if I log into the dashboard for the app. There is no automated messages either. This will lead to confusions. Not good!

From $0.00 / month

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