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The app developers went above and beyond helping me to set up this app when I had difficulty with understanding how to navigate the set up. I'm new to Shopify so it's likely an easy app that's somewhat difficult because of my lack of experience with website development.

Possible suggested change for app developer: I don't like that the customer gets an email from "Magical Make an Offer" instead of from me. I'm using this app for donations to be given and donors could think it's a spam email being sent to them. It would also be nice if there was a way for me to send the customer a customized email after they've completed the purchase.

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hi sir / madam , this app has been very useful on growing our business , by the way , we need these improvements so badly to fulfill the dynamic demand from our customers , please see below , thanks ! 1. ) when we choose combine invoice , we should have a check box on every item as some offers were expired that we don't want to add in the new invoice , it takes us a lot of time to revise every invoice 1 by 1 , it must be IMRPOVED .
2. ) it will be best if we can add the shipping option without further revising the invoice thru shopify to save more time and input work .

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Magical Apps 已回覆 2020年11月18日

Thankyou so much for your feedback - really appreciate it. I have emailed you with some further clarifying questions - hope to touchbase with you soon and help customize the app so it can serve you better :) Thanks!


Update : Fixed, thanks make an offer. I can't download my offer, counter offer always error when buyer trying to use the offer link. No support at all. I will change this after developer respond to my email.

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Magical Apps 已回覆 2020年7月16日

Hi! First of all, thanks a lot for your feedback and our sincere apologies for your experience, it is unacceptable that you did not receive the excellent service you deserve. It seems like we are having trouble getting in touch with you after sending through several follow up emails. We have rectified the issues and things should be working smoothly. We would love to hear back from you and discuss further on how we can help to further customize the app so it best fits your need.



Very good application, it functions as it should and makes it very attractive to the customer, thank you for providing us with great assistance.

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I'm revising my previous feedback, as my initial feedback was driven by my own misunderstanding of the app. Uzair from the company reached out to me through email, and we set up a phone call for today, which we just ended. He explained some things things that I misunderstood, and I shared some of my own ideas as well. I appreciate him reaching out to one of his customers to clarify any issues.

So the app works pretty great overall. It has the options to automatically accept or decline offers at a certain percentage, or automatically counter offers. It also has the option to manually counter. Customers can only make one offer on an item within a 24 hour period. My main grievance would be that there's no option to customize the time as to when the "offer" option pops up on the product page, which is about 5 or so seconds. This is way too fast, and doesn't give the customer the chance to browse through the photos, or read the product description before deciding whether or not they'd have paid full price or considered sending an offer. Overall, I'd give it 4 or 4.5 stars. If/when they add the option to customize the offer pop-up time, I'd probably give it 5 stars.

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Overall I am happy with this app. However I would be even more happy to read the SKU when I am receiving the offer on an item.

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Great idea , maybe could you app be quickly , every time request login to reply, it should be predicted. Maybe suggest to costumer range price

TU beauty store
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Great product wish there was better notification but otherwise love the opportunity it gives us to offer our customers

Inferno Sports and Athletics
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Although we still do not have strong adoption ... but is due that we still do not have BIG TRAFIC ... I see a lot of value into this app.

What some customers comment is that they would like to make an offer to several products at once ...

I understand that this includes a lot of complexity but maybe you could considerer an option of customer make a offer to the whole CART ... and this would be a discretionary offer that merchant need to decide without RULES ...

Of course this can be a DRIVE TO CRAZY in a VERY HIGH TRAFFIC store but to beginning merchants would be a great way to motivate customer.

Well done for now. Congratulations

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Magical Apps 已回覆 2020年3月31日

This is awesome feedback. We are going to look at this and see how we can solve this. Really appreciate your kind words.


Great app. My only gripe is that it can over complicate checkout for buyers if they purchase multiple items.

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