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Have been using the app for about two years now. Absolutely satisfied with the effectiveness and with the support responding in minutes.
Thank yhou

Kapisa Rugs
使用應用程式 1年多

I remember reading the reviews about their great customer service before installing this app and thinking, that's good but how great can it be? I understand the reviews now! Their customer service is unmatchable! And the app itself is also very easy to use. I tried using another app before and it created a lot of complications for me. Within minutes of setting up Magical Make an Offer, I was met with pure ease :)

On top of that! I reached out for support hoping for a certain feature. The support team said they have never been asked for this future, but thought it was a great idea and would email me in the future if the are able to add this to the app. So cool! Really glad I decided to go with Magical Make an Offer!

Elle Ryder
使用應用程式 4天

Best app ever! Just a few minutes after we clicked install, Kyle called to see how he could help & within the hour John had us set up and running. Fabulous customer support, easy to use and it looks great on our site. Highly recommend!

M & M Tack Shop
使用應用程式 大約3小時

I really love this app. It allowed people to make me an offer and allows me personally answer them not some I have used in the past was bots. Excellent customer service as well. Thank you!

Michelle's Attic Treasures Gift & Thrift
使用應用程式 大約2個月

customer service is 10/10

they were quick to help and solve my issues and this app is a blessing for the downturn in the economy affecting my small business

使用應用程式 1天

Hallo, die App ist super gut. So können meine Kunden, wie sie es auch aus meine eBayShop gewohnt sind direkt am Produkt Preisvorschläge schicken. Super wäre auch noch eine deutsche Sprachausgabe der App, da aktuell nur auf englisch.

使用應用程式 8個月

Super helpful team and customer support. Cheers!

使用應用程式 20天

Magical Make an Offer is by far the best "make offer" application available. I love that I can customize the offer templates and outgoing messages to fit the needs of my store. Customer service is top notch as I had received quick responses and recommendations how to improve the customer's experience. Great application overall!

Hobby Gems
使用應用程式 大約1個月

Very helpful with getting things set up and works flawlessly.

Rebuild IT
使用應用程式 3年多

Are you concerned about your products' uncompetitive pricing in the intense world of online commerce? Put yourself at ease! Magical Make an Offer functionality is excellent for just the purpose of giving shoppers bargaining power. Plus, the customer service is top-notch. Stephen patiently worked with me to solve any concerns and ensure the app worked perfectly how I wanted for my store. With this app's superb functionality and the dedicated support team, you can feel confident in improving your store's conversion rate. Don't hesitate a second; install the app now and see the difference it can make and the peace of mind it brings you! 10 stars of 5!
使用應用程式 19天