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FREE Responsive web

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Responsive web. Ensure all your maps and videos are responsive

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Responsive website

Make google maps, Youtube videos responsive

Responsive Youtube video

Manage embedded video dimensions

Responsive Google maps

Improve user experience, no more cut off videos or maps on mobile devices.

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Responsive website - make it responsive in one click

What is Make it Responsive for?

With Shopify themes now near 100% responsive across the board, you are guaranteed to get a good looking website for your store straight out of the box.

It’s only when you want to embed Youtube or Vimeo video, or Google Maps, that you start running into problems and glitches.

Well, with our nifty little app, all of those problems will become a thing of the past. Now, with Make it Responsive you can have all of your content running smoothly and responsively across all devices.

Supported videos and maps

At the moment our app supports YouTube, Vimeo videos and Google Maps.

If you want to use another video hosting service all you need to do is get in touch with our our support team, and we'll add it to the app for you.


App default is 16:9 dimensions for both videos and maps, but if it’s other dimensions you are after, you can simply adjust the dimensions in the app settings.

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4.9 con 5 estrellas

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Makes the mobile and tablet experience on our website amazing. Definitely worth installing for anyone who uses embedded videos from youtube or vimeo. Thanks!

Makes the mobile experience much better without having to worry about any changes you make - this automatically makes them mobile friendly