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  • Most advanced retargeting app on Shopify
  • Create a full-fledged Facebook & Instagram retargeting campaign in seconds
  • Reach and acquire new customers automatically

Facebook dynamic product ads on steroids

Our retargeting platform analyzes your store catalog, orders, reviews, customer behavior and 3rd party triggers.
Then, it automatically generates an unlimited number of personalized product ads on Facebook and Instagram, that look and feel as if they were hand-made!

Retargeting ads with product reviews

I doesn't matter if you are using Shopify product reviews or 3rd party services like Yotpo, Mamaya selects the best review for each product and uses it in its dynamic product ad.

Beautiful dynamic product ads

Your dynamic ads doesn't have to look plain and "templated". Use Mamaya's creative editor to get your ads to "pop" and dominate your customers' feed!

Reach and acquire new customers automatically!

Generate beautiful ads in seconds and let Mamaya display those ads to people who are most likely to buy your products.
Want to set your own targeting? Use saved audiences from your ads account.

Outstanding support

Your success is ours. We're here for any question you may have.
Just open the chat window and drop us a line.

It's all about results

The average return on ad spent for our customers is 12x.
It means that every dollar spent with Mamaya, generates $12 in sales.

Mamaya reviews

16 reviews
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great stuff looking forward for more stuff to come out from these guys. keep up the good work. just some minor flaws but still a great app. I highly recommend https://www.inerchi.co/


I would not recommend using Mamaya as they have increased their minimum package to $1500 a month which does not make it worthwhile. You can use other retargeting apps for a fraction of this price, with similar functionality.


Installed it but was totally turned off by the REQUEST for demo popup and form that asks you to contact them with personal details about your business. Thats my business not Mamaya's. So i uninstalled it.


The best app for retargeting. Unlike the other apps you can see exactly how many sales you made from the retargeting ads. Also the customer support is great. Thank you!


Great app, great results and very helpful support.


We followed the install directions after searching for them on the FAQ page (why isn't this info in the dashboard?). After 4 days and over 1,000 visitors we still had "no audiences" built for our product pages. We tried contacting support, but nobody returned our email.

Was really hoping this would suit our needs, but we had way more success working directly with the Facebook Ad manager and making ads manually.


Seamless and easy to use and profitable


Fantastic support - they really worked hard providing 1 on 1 support to get my store up and running with the app, despite some initial complications. Setting up retargeting ads couldn't be easier (really, it couldn't - it's 100% automated!). All of this means nothing if it doesn't deliver an ROI... however this is where Mamaya really excels. Consistent 300% to 400% ROI on ads I haven't even touched so far. What's not to like!


This is a fantastic app! It is a must have whether you have lots of experience with facebook ads or none at all! Thier retargeting ads produce consistent sales at very low costs. The best part is that everything happens automatically so you don't have to do anything to get started. The customer support is phenomenal. They answered all of my questions really quickly and made sure i was up and running. Can't wait to get more features from these guys!


GLENDON LAMBERT is a boutique menswear company. We are setting up our first e-commerce campaign. The software was easy to set up and connects seamlessly with Facebook and Shopify. The support staff also has been very helpful.


Promotion is done through your Facebook advertising account. When connecting your page with the Facebook ads platform, you’ll be asked (by Facebook) to provide a payment method, so you can be charged by Facebook for your campaigns.


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