Elsner: Advance Cookies Bar

Elsner: Advance Cookies Bar

開發者: Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Stay fully compliant with the Cookie Management App


有關 Elsner: Advance Cookies Bar

Cookie Consent Bar

Take the consent of your visitors by displaying a banner asking about using cookies on the store. It is a fully customizable app.

GDPR/CCPA Compliance Page

You can install the app and you will see GDPR/CCPA compliance pages pregenerated. Link them in the footer area of the store so that visitors can see them.

GDPR/CCPA Reports + Export

Listing of all privacy policy consents by the admin panel including personal info deletion requests.

About Cookie Management

The Cookie Management app is the must app for ecommerce stores as you cannot use any of users’ data without their consent. With this app, you can take the consent of users to use the information they provide for better user experience.

Some of the features of the app are discussed below:

For admin

  • Admin can add cookie name and description.
  • Admin can edit cookie description, data and title.
  • Admin can customize cookie preference bar.
  • Admin can export user data.
  • Admin can see which customer accepted which cookie
  • Admin can customize whole design and layout
  • Admin can select the country to show a cookie preference bar.

For users

  • Users can accept cookie after reading all cookie description
  • Users can accept all cookies at once.
  • Users can update accepted cookie once he logged in
  • Users can export accepted cookie data in pdf format.

For developers

  • API provided to check whether the customer has accepted a particular cookie or not.

Who needs this app?

The cookie management app is for any website. You need to take the consent of the users to allow you to use cookies for information. The recent GDPR act asks website owners to take the consent of users before using their data for any business purposes. If your store is located in the EU/EEA, Brazil, or in California or you ship your products to these countries, you need to have the app.

You can add the app in your store so that every time a new user visits your store, can give his consent for using cookies.

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