ERP service of cross border E-commerce for Chinese seller

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Quick packing

Quick packing and delivery

Automatic logistics

Select logistics automatically according to logistics rules

Product collection

Collect the products on the purchasing website and upload them in batch

mangoerp 정보

Mangoerp function introduction

  • Commodity collection: support the collection of goods from more than 100 websites, batch editing, and batch publishing to Shopify

  • Package delivery: multiple stores handle orders in a unified way, and then send orders in batches, print in batches, and deliver goods in batches

  • Inventory management: multi store unified inventory management, scanning gun in and out of storage, etc

  • Purchase management: real time monitoring of inventory, automatically generate purchase suggestions according to inventory quantity, and create purchase order for purchase

  • Data report: support order statistics, product statistics, profit statistics, customer statistics, etc

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