Amazon Profit Calculator

Amazon Profit Calculator

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FBM & FBA Calculator | Keeping Amazon sellers profitable!

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Quick and Easy

Once connected, we seamlessly pull your product information into the calculator to get your Amazon fee and margin insights in seconds.

Product Analytics

We present every single fee that your products will encounter in your business with Amazon to ensure that you stay profitable!

In-Depth Insights

Product data trends are analyzed across your assortment and recommendations are provided to help make your Amazon business more profitable.

Amazon Profit Calculator 정보

Amazon fees eat away everyone’s profit margins; knowing how much they affect your products is how you keep a profit! Margin Advisor helps businesses understand exactly how much it costs to sell each of their products on Amazon and recommends ways to sell more profitably. No connection to Amazon through your Shopify store is required to benefit from Margin Advisor.

Sync Your Product Information Seamlessly

Rather than painfully calculating your margins in a spreadsheet, Margin Advisor automatically pulls all of the relevant product information from your store so that you can quickly and easily find your product’s profit.

Run Scenarios

Wondering how you can drive more sales through promotions or how your margin might be affected by matching a competitor? Margin Advisor allows businesses to save an unlimited number of scenarios so that instead of wondering what a change might do, you can see exactly how it would affect your bottom line and give your ideas a fighting chance.

Gain Actionable Insights

All of the calculations saved by a business are entered into an insights tab that provides trend information across the assortment and specific recommendations on how to make your overall Amazon business more profitable. Additionally, Margin Advisor provides product rankings and catalog margin averages for ongoing margin health tracking.

Margin Advisor was built to give you peace of mind when you wonder if your business on Amazon is healthy.

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Forever Free


  • Seamless Shopify Product Catalog Import
  • Up to 10 Calculations per Month
  • Up to 2 Scenarios per Product



  • Seamless Shopify Product Catalog Import
  • Up to 100 Calculations per Month
  • Up to 3 Scenarios per Product
  • Advanced Cost Breakdown



  • Seamless Shopify Product Catalog Import
  • Up to 500 Calculations per Month
  • Up to 5 Scenarios per Product
  • Advanced Fulfillment/FBA Inputs

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Be Grace & Ease

I’m a small business owner, but unfortunately not an accountant. So I gave Margin Advisor a try to help me figure out whether I should ship myself or use FBA for my Amazon business. I haven’t made use of all of the features yet, but the calculator quickly showed me that some of my products don’t make sense in FBA at the same price just because of the Amazon fees. Really, the reason why I’m writing this review is because of how great the Margin Advisor customer service team is. I was having trouble with the scenarios section and David took the time to listen to me and walk me through how to use it. Great app and great service!

개발자 회신

2021년 6월 6일

Thank you for the great review! I'm happy to help anytime you need!

Best Regards,

David @ Margin Advisor