Marketing Cloud Integration

Marketing Cloud Integration


Sync customers, products and orders with Marketing Cloud.

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Data Sync

All the customers, orders, products, abandoned carts etc details are being synced with Marketing Cloud.

Assurance of Accuracy

100% accurate data is being synced with Marketing Cloud.

Seamless Integration

Very easy to integrate & manage in your shop.

有關 Marketing Cloud Integration

Marketing Cloud Integration, acting as a bridge between Shopify and Salesforce, provides various features. Its functionalities extend not only to the Shopify store management experience but also let you enjoy the benefits of CRM with retention marketing.

You can improve your store with exceptional support handling. Integrated with CRM tools you can achieve the right data with the right customers at the right time. It also helps with increasing sales performance and generating revenue with great customer satisfaction.

Export Customers as Subscribers to Marketing Cloud:

  • Now you can easily run email campaigns for the customers of your shop by simply exporting the existing customers to the subscribers list of Marketing Cloud.

Export Product Catalog & Orders to Marketing Cloud Data Extension:

  • If you want to send the particular product or order details in the email campaign from the single platform then this feature will be really helpful. You can get the catalog & order details of your Shopify store on the Marketing Cloud itself by integrating this connector.

Export abandoned carts details to Marketing Cloud Data Extension:

  • Now reach out to your abandoned carts and increase the conversion probability by fetching the abandoned cart data from Shopify to Marketing Cloud data extension table for abandoned carts. Simply sync the data and approach the target audience via various email campaigns.


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5.0 5 顆星

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Gautam has been an incredible asset during my implementation and help during the synching process. I am glad he was my Account Manager during this process!

Country Archer Provisions

This app is very easy to use and supports an important part of our email marketing strategy. Gautam is super helpful in getting us set the right foot from the start!



This is a great app and the support is also good! We plan to use it for all our stores worldwide.