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Automate Personalized Emails by PushMarket

Automate Personalized Emails by PushMarket

Developed by PushMarket

10 reviews
Price: $99.00 / month More info
  • Target the right customers, with the right message, at the right time
  • Emails are sent based on customer buying history, email & website engagement
  • Automatically creates and sends email newsletters, recommendations, back in stock, price drop triggers


Stop Losing Sales

Lost sales. They are what every business owner wants to avoid. As a business owner, you want to tell people about your product. You do this by email marketing - but how do you ensure that your message is getting across to the RIGHT people, those most likely to read your emails and BUY your product?

If you’re a time-strapped business owner, PushMarket has the key to simplifying your email marketing and making it even more effective. The worst thing for a business is to waste time – so stop sending emails that go unread, deleted or filed to junk.

Our technology takes the guess work out of targeting the RIGHT customers, by determining who they are and automatically targeting messages to them – minimizing lost sales, while saving you time and making you more money.

Put Your Email Marketing on AutoPilot

At PushMarket, we automate your email marketing to your customers. We analyze their buying history, email and web engagement to determine the best message to send to your customer.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of who your most engaged customers are and the messages that are most relevant to them, so that you can spend time on the customers that are MOST likely to buy.

Email Content that Generates More Sales

With our best in class email triggers, there’s no need to guess which emails to send to whom. Our technology identifies the best customers and sends automatic emails for the following:

  • New & Trending Products

  • Product Recommendations & Cross-Sell

  • Price Drop & Sale Items

  • Back in Stock

  • Website Abandonment

  • Promos & Discounts

It’s easy-to-use, too. You can also plug PushMarket into your MailChimp (optional) and Shopify account in less than 5 minutes - and start making more money today!

Install the app today and make more money by using your customer data to drive sales!.

Pricing is currently $69/month for up to 20,000 emails in list size. Larger custom plans also available.

Automate Personalized Emails by PushMarket reviews (10)


Support is getting better. Fast to response and understanding of business needs.


If you’re looking for a simple app to automatically send email newsletters to your customers, this app is for you. I found PushMarket super easy to use and set up was quick with the MailChimp integration. I was up and running with my first campaign within a day and was able to set up all my triggered emails pretty fast.

The images within the emails are generated based on my customer data, which is cool that every customer gets a unique newsletter. This has saved significant amount of time for my marketing rep to create and send emails. I found that the dashboard to be really easy to digest but I do wish I could customize some reports.

I’d highly recommend this app and have never had any issues with the service and support.


So helpful! It feels as if I just hired someone to send all the emails to the customers weekly and also for customers to receive any other notice from our site. It's a wonderful app and glad I used it. Even during the trial period I was able to see the sale go up. Just need a reporting system :)


I'm not sure who is leaving all of these raving reviews? But here is an honest review:

1. This app has done nothing for me - I installed 2 weeks ago and have had traffic to my site, yet the dashboard shows only one person has visited my site since I installed 2 weeks ago. It also states that a sale I got was influenced by this app.....I know for a fact that is not true. The one order they are referring to, came exactly 7 minutes after I sent a personal email to a repeat customer to let her know that a specific dress she wanted to buy was back in stock. I hadn't even set the automation up yet for this app, so how could the sale come from them??

On top of that, I don't even know if the app is sending any emails since there is no reporting or alerts to let me know that it is actually working. I find this a bit sketchy.

2. Customer Service is Non-existent - I've messaged them twice to ask questions about this app. The first time, I get an automated response asking me how things are going? The second time, I got no reply at all.

$99 a month for an app that doesn't really do anything, lies about the sales they have gotten me and offers no customer support.............Unistalled!!


Excellent product and very good support.


Easy to set up and everything is automated. I've been looking for an app that sends personalized email newsletters to my customers. My sales lifted in the first 7 days of using his app!


So far so good. Easily automates emails. Great customer service.


This app saves me a lot of time with my email newsletters! Support was quick to respond to my questions and set up was easy.


Awesome service that is extremely useful for email marketing! Really streamlines the process while still being effective.


Chris and the Pushmarket team have made sending out weekly emails a breeze! The first week we sent out emails with them resulted in a bunch of orders and their customer service has been top notch since. Highly recommended.

$99.00 / month

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