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After working with many apps for years on Shopify for marketplaces, I can award this app for the MOST RELAXED ONE ever! For real, you know we have been fufilling the orders from our side on Shopify, then as we are cancelled/suspended due to NOT SHIPPING ORDERS.

Thanks to these guys as they say "SLOW API OF WALMART" has not been retrieving our tracking numbers to Walmart, it is really funny when they are the ONLY APP THAT HAS THIS ISSUE!

Anyways, I don't recommend this app. It is cheap though with all the marketplaces etc, I wouldn't call the app worst one, but they're not on the brighest side either.

UPDATE: After 3 weeks of asking for the fix of the order syncing, they are still telling us their "developers" are working on the problem. They, again, tell us that there is still a complexity of the Walmart API.

We've been told that our problem is "high priority", but as we understand from this 3 weeks is not that long a time.

Also we asked their log to send Walmart/submit a ticket, because we've been told before the problem is "slow Walmart API", yet this request not answered yet.

使用應用程式 大約2年
Shopify 已回覆 2024年2月19日

Thanks for your feedback,

Our engineering team has now deployed an update to resolve the issue related to order fulfilment and tracking number retrieval for Walmart.



USELESS! Etsy orders are imported with WRONG price for the discount, it just uses a random discount number instead of the actual discount number that was given on Etsy for every order.

I've contacted their customer support over a month ago and they keep on ignoring me and say they are working on it.
This addon is completely useless if it's importing wrong order prices.


使用應用程式 3個月
Shopify 已回覆 2024年2月19日

Thanks for your feedback,

We are pleased to advise these issues are now resolved. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further queries.

Our Support team is available 24/7.



The journey of listing on Amazon has presented its fair share of challenges. Recalling my experience with the earlier iteration of this application, formerly known as Codisto, which I utilized a few years ago to synchronize my secondary store with Amazon and eBay, the initial setup was remarkably user-friendly. The Codisto team, in that version, efficiently handled the configuration for my store, simplifying the entire process. The convenience of a straightforward setup, coupled with a manageable monthly fee, made for a seamless experience. Their proactive assistance during the platform setup was genuinely valued.

However, in the current version, the hands-on assistance that was once available has been replaced by a redirection to an extensive documentation resource. This transition places a higher demand on users to possess an advanced level of expertise to navigate and execute the setup successfully. Notably, the product listings exhibit notable shortcomings, including missing product photos and variants that fail to sync appropriately. This results in a confusing array of mixed-up images, where pictures from one item may mistakenly appear in an entirely unrelated product listing—such as finding ring images in a cushion listing, creating a perplexing and less-than-ideal situation.

Despite persistent efforts to understand and resolve these issues, the support received for other concerns has proven less fruitful. It appears that the support team may not be actively seeking new users, potentially hindering a smoother onboarding process. A more collaborative approach from the support team, providing assistance with the setup, could significantly contribute to user satisfaction and overall business success. Streamlining the setup process has the potential to increase user adoption, fostering a more prosperous ecosystem where successful businesses generate better income, ultimately leading to the app's success.

Très Elite
使用應用程式 7個月
Shopify 已回覆 2024年1月29日

Thanks for your feedback,

It's important to know, understand and address any issues that may arise. We have reached out directly to offer a personal one on one to further discuss your concerns.



Amazon works fine. If you try to connect Google market , they let you configure anything an after MANY hours of troubleshoots, youtube video, searching, they told me they do not support. They should just remove it. The agent who answered me just told me : no nothing we can do. Same thing for Walmart Canada.. They do not support. And if you are from Canada, you can not change the fulfillment center , you have to use Walmart US and manage with this. Bad to let people waste time on feature offered but not supported anymore

使用應用程式 大約2年
Shopify 已回覆 2023年12月19日

Thanks for your feedback,
Codisto Channel Cloud is now Shopify Marketplace Connect (https://www.shopify.com/marketplace-connect)
As we are in the migration process the legacy app continues to function as expected with Google as a marketplace.
As an existing merchant on Codisto looking to start selling on Google, we would encourage you to migrate over to our Marketplace Connect app and connect to the Shopify Google app to ensure the appropriate improvements and support are being provided.
Walmart Canada was not available in our legacy app but is on our roadmap for Marketplace Connect for 2024.
Please reach out to our support team if you have any further queries.



As a merchant focusing on the German market, I found this app fundamentally unusable due to its severe limitations around tax handling. The platform from which it imports data (Etsy) does not include sales tax in its transaction reports, yet it collects the tax. This presents a significant issue for German merchants who are legally required to itemize sales tax on invoices. Unfortunately, this app lacks the functionality to import orders from Etsy to Shopify with a customizable tax rate, rendering it ineffective for managing financial compliance within the EU.

The lack of attention to such a crucial aspect for European Union merchants is disappointing. Given the EU's complexity and strict tax regulations, this oversight can cause significant operational and legal challenges for merchants in the region. It's a glaring gap that cannot be overlooked, as compliance with tax regulations is not optional but a mandatory aspect of conducting business within the EU.

While I understand the world is vast, and there are markets outside the EU, it's disheartening to see the developers overlook such a significant market segment. The EU may not be the largest market globally, but it's a critical one, with stringent regulations that cannot be ignored. This oversight limits the app's usability for a significant number of merchants who would otherwise benefit from its features.

To the developers, I urge a reconsideration of the app's features to accommodate the needs of EU merchants, especially those in Germany. Addressing this issue not only expands your app's market reach but also demonstrates a commitment to supporting businesses in navigating the complex tax landscapes of their respective countries.

使用應用程式 大約1個月
Shopify 已回覆 2024年2月18日

Thanks for your feedback,

We understand this frustration and we do have this on our roadmap.



DO NOT SWITCH FROM LEGACY CODISTO! It has been nothing but trouble for us for switching to 'new' Marketplace Connect. eBay integration is broken and will not allow you to sync your existing catalogue. I expected better features and support now that Shopify took over Codisto. It is however, downgraded significantly in both areas. The features no longer work. And the support is ridicule as the agents don't seem to have a clue.

Horizon Store
使用應用程式 1年多
Shopify 已回覆 2024年1月2日

Thank you for your feedback,

We have now resolved this issue, the listings have been disassociated with the old account.



We've come across a critical error with Amazon listings that the team here is having issues identifying and resolving. They have acknowledged the issues in their software. They are actively working on it, but the last issue we reported has gone unresolved after 2 months.

We are starting to question the technical aptitude of the team, but if something changes, we will update this review.

Gamers Guild AZ
使用應用程式 大約2個月
Shopify 已回覆 2024年1月29日

Thanks for your feedback,

We are actively working on your request, of which one error has already been cleared. We will continue to monitor and notify you once the other is completed. Please reach out anytime,



Was hopping that now this was part of the Shopify family the app would improve they never mind taking the subscription fees but it’s very slow at loading. It has problems with categories, pictures and barcodes sinking between eBay and shopify. Customer services are quick to answer but have limited knowledge so it then takes many conversations backwards and forwards and we are still waiting for issues to be resolved.

Posh Monkey
使用應用程式 大約1年
Shopify 已回覆 2024年1月2日

Thank you for your feedback,

We have reached out to discuss these issues with you and working to resolve them as soon as possible.



Worst customer service.
A representitive name Noel lied and tried to gaslight me.

We chose to do a price increase on Amazon in order to offset the Amazon fees. The app published the products in the original Shopify price. When I contacted customer service, they said tha the price the app sent was correct.
I send them screenshot showing that the price was wrong.
He wrote "One thing for sure is that the App sends the information/details to your Amazon Seller Central with the correct Prices. "
That was a LIE as the screenshot shows it did not.

使用應用程式 4個月

If this worked than I would leave a great review however since I'm having the hardest time just getting everything to link up without this nice "AUTH FAIL" message I keep getting. So, no I do not recommend, it's been a waste of my day because that's how long I've been trying to set this up, with the directions given. I'm over it and I just give up, I guess I won't be selling my merch on amazon through shopify smh.

United By Hoops
使用應用程式 2天
Shopify 已回覆 2024年1月29日

Thanks for your feedback,

We understand issues do arise, but we are committed to solving the issues as soon as possible.

We have reached out directly to discuss these further.