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Automate sales on, or

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Automate Product Data Sync

Integrate your store with the, and marketplaces. Automatic inventory synchronization is available

Activate Automated Bidding

Modify automatically CPC for each product. Make sure your product ads are displayed at top positions on Marktplaats, 2dehands or 2ememain

Real-Time Sales Management

Update inventory and pricing in real-time on Marktplaats, 2dehands or 2ememain. Try Koongo for FREE for 30 days. Full support included

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Marktplaats app automates your product data and inventory synchronization for, 2dehands or 2ememain marketplaces.

Marktplaats app gives you full control over what products you sell on those marketplaces. And helps you to increase your revenue and brand awareness.

Be where your customers are

Generate more traffic and sales. Reach potential customers on the Marktplaats marketing channel directly from your store.

Activate automated CPC bidding

Activate automated CPC in your product feeds. And display your product ads on the top positions on those marketplaces.

Keep your data fresh. Always.

Koongo centralizes your products. And distributes them automatically on the Marktplaats, or marketplace. An API integration transfers data changes almost in real-time.

It allows you to sell products low on stock on those marketplaces and your Shopify store at the same time.

Save your time and effort

Optimize, scale and automate your online marketplace activities with Koongo. Increase your efficiency by automating tasks. Koongo gives you a complete solution for your product data feed management.

Modify product price

Modify your product price for Marktplaats, or channel to cover marketplace sales fees or shipping cost

How does it work?

  • Install the Marktplaats app and create your product feeds
  • Use Koongo advanced filters to optimize your product data - e.g. increase product price, select a specific group of products, etc.
  • Create an account on Marktplaats, or marketplace
  • Activate automatic product data and inventory synchronization. And monitor your new sales

Marktplaats app pricing and conditions

The Marktplaats app uses a fixed price of $9.95 per month. No additional fees are applied.

The Marktplaats app contains:

  • Marktplaats, and marketplace integrations
  • 500 item limit (sum of unique SKUs or IDs)
  • 30-day FREE trial period

Koongo: Sell on Marketplaces alternative

You can use Koongo: Sell on Marketplaces instead of the Marktplaats app to increase the item limit. The functionality is the same. No item limit is applied. The Koongo app can be used for other marketing channels like Amazon, eBay, Beslist, Bol, etc.

The main difference is Koongo app dynamic pricing. The final price is based on the number of:

  • items
  • channels
  • order connections

The Koongo app starts at $24 per month. This configuration includes:

  • 2000 item limit
  • 5 channels
  • No order connection

30-day FREE trial & full support

FREE 30-days trial. FREE product feed setup and optimization. Take your business to the next level, and let our Marktplaats app simplify your multi-channel strategy.

Our support team is ready to help you

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  • Langify,
  • Metafields Manager



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Fixed plan


  • 500 item limit
  • No setup costs
  • 30-day free trial

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