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3. heinäkuu 2019

I use this app to upload tracking numbers provided by my 3PL. Mostly it works fine but lately I"ve had several days where it was either unavailable or gave errors/warnings for no apparent reason. When that happens I end up handloading 40 or 50 tracking numbers by hand. Today is one of those days - Not fun. Great utility when it works. I'll need to look elsewhere if this continues.

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28. marraskuu 2018

This app is free and its hard to complain about a free app. I do have issues constantly with CSV files not syncing properly with the tracking. My headers are labeled 'tracking number' and the tracking info shows up in Mass Fulfill but doesn't sync always. It's aggravating AF!

But, the support is fairly quick and the concept is great. Much quicker than manual tracking input. Just wish it worked the way it was supposed to all the time.

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5. huhtikuu 2018

Was a great app the couple of times I was able to use it. Now it won't load at all, and no response from tech support.

Yarn Crush
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