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Fulfill your orders or line items automatically from a file

4.9 of 5 stars(93 reviews)

Stop wasting time

Reduce the amount of time you spend when fulfilling orders.

Notify your costumers

Send emails to costumers with the new updated information.

Multishop management

Update the information of your orders from different shops at once.

About MassFulfill


Do you have a large amount of files containing tracking information? We know how troublesome it is to add those information to the orders one by one.

That's why we made this app!

MassFulfill has already processed over five millions orders and line items! Thanks to our users feedback, we managed to make the app accessible for all.

Send shipping emails to your customers

Bulk fulfill orders with tracking information in seconds. All you need to do is upload a file. Tracking information is optional, and can be added or modified at any time.

Fulfill line items

Do you ship different skus from different locations or suppliers? Add the skus of that location to the file, and fulfill only the line items that satisfy the sku / order number conditions.

Google sheets integration

Create a spreadsheet using our app and share it with your supplier. Fulfill contents using the spreadsheet.

Confirmation page

Now you can see what is about to happen, before it happens, with our confirmation page. This will reduce the chance of you sending the wrong information to your customers.

Bulk unfulfill

Should you upload the wrong information, you can also unfulfill orders quickly, by uploading the same file, in the unfulfill box.

Bulk mark as paid (Bonus)

We even added mass mark as paid functionality for those of you that have collect on delivery shipping options.

Mass tagging by order number (Bonus) (NEW)

MassFulfill now supports bulk tagging of orders by order number. Just write a few order numbers in a spreadsheet file, upload it, and we will add the tags to the orders. This does not replace the tags, or add duplicate tags.

How to use

Just follow the following simple steps.

  1. Select what you want to do.
  2. Upload a file with the orders information. *If you use Aftership, you can add the tracking url here.
  3. Tell us how to read the file. We will remember this for later.
  4. Check the updating fulfillment information, and if everything is correct.
  5. Fulfill!

Perfect for Aftership / 17track

Aftership provides a clean tracking information page for existing fulfillments. MassFulfill takes care of fulfilling orders so your customers can get the tracking url. It is the ship that must take place before Aftership (or other shipment tracking service)!


If you have any problems or you think there is something that we can improve, please do not hesitate and contact us.

We will be adding functionality as we go along, so stay alert!

Integrates with

  • google sheet

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Overall rating
4.9 of 5 stars
Based on 93 reviews

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Most recent reviews


We don't use is daily as we have an automated process to fulfill orders from our warehouse. But sometime when you need to get your hands dirty and fulfill many orders by yourself this app is a lifesaver! (or at least time-saver, but if you have had to fulfill many orders one by one you know it's timeconsuming and quite boring). Many thanks from team :)

Passion Wizard

Really great app! Would be even better if you can add a feature to automatically write new orders in Google Sheet Document and automatically update the Customer once the tracking number is entered in the Google Sheet Document.


MassFulfill allows you to update your Shopify Store orders with payments and fulfillment statuses, and tracking numbers, all in a very convenient way. It does not require a template file to be imported, although it recommends one. You can just upload a spreadsheet file of your own, and just let it know which columns contain what data. The rest it takes care on its own. All that makes it a good candidate.

The fact there are not many equally good alternatives for these tasks, makes it a better candidate.

The fact it is 100% free makes it the best choice out there.

Hands down recommended!

Konstantinos Sakkas -