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12 mars 2024

Installing and connecting the Matterhorn Shopify application was a breeze! The process was straightforward and user-friendly, making it easy to get up and running in no time. What truly stood out was the exceptional service provided by customer service agent Rafal. His expertise and prompt assistance were invaluable, ensuring a smooth setup and addressing any questions or concerns with professionalism and efficiency. I highly recommend Matterhorn not only for its seamless integration but also for the outstanding support provided.

Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
23 mars 2024

I couldn't be happier with Matterhorn's dropshipping solution. It has revolutionized the way I run my Shopify store, saving me time and money while allowing me to offer an unparalleled shopping experience to my customers. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their online business.

Mirror Shop
25 dagar användning av appen
21 februari 2024

Transitioning my store from the beta version to full Shopify integration with this app was a breeze. The process was seamless, and I was up and running in no time. What truly stands out is the excellent technical support provided. Any issues or questions I had were promptly addressed by the knowledgeable support team. I also appreciate their proactive approach to improving user experience through regular surveys. The products offered are top-notch, catering to a variety of needs. Overall, my experience has been fantastic, and I highly recommend this app to streamline your store's operations.

Seasons Trove
2 månader användning av appen
Matterhorn Moda Sp. z o.o. svarade 23 februari 2024

Thank you very much for your feedback - we're glad you chose Matterhorn as a supplier for your store.

17 april 2024

Excellent Support! They helped me with an import metafield problem that I had. Also very good products for their price.

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
22 mars 2024

Both for me as a store owner and for my customers, Matterhorn provides a seamless user experience. The intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate, and my customers love the wide selection of products available.

Stabil Eye
26 dagar användning av appen
10 februari 2024

Finally, a supplier that doesn't just push products from China but offers genuinely good brands from Europe. It's refreshing to see quality and craftsmanship in the items I'm able to offer through my store now. A big thumbs up for bringing a touch of European excellence to the table!

3 månader användning av appen
19 februari 2024

Matterhorn-Wholesale's order processing system is simple to use and intuitive. Orders from wholesale buyers can be placed easily, and I can examine and confirm them fast.

UK Top Deals
3 månader användning av appen
16 mars 2024

Linking up with Matterhorn Wholesale was a total game-changer for my shop, all thanks to the top-notch stuff they've got, all made in Poland. The app's super easy to use, too - managing my stock and orders is a breeze now. Seriously, it's made things so much easier, I can't even remember how I got by before it.

Black Panther
2 dagar användning av appen
12 februari 2024

The only downside to this app is the lengthy product import time, but it works flawlessly otherwise. The app creates a new location for products - I accidentally deleted it, but the support team quickly resolved my issue. Other than that, the selection, prices, and fulfillment are top-notch, 5/5!

Depilex Fasion
3 månader användning av appen
24 april 2024

If you are looking for a good supplier of really good quality clothing and not just cheap products from China , i can recommend Matterhorn. They are definitely on the higher end when it comes to product quality.

Ungefär 15 timmar användning av appen