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26 de março de 2023

i cant connect to whatsapp because i cant connect to messenger bc you have problem with it
terrible, no customer service

TON Sport
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 27 minutes
Questão respondida por Maxwell 27 de março de 2023

Hey there, we received your request yesterday on Sunday and will gladly support you. Giving a 1-star review straight away won't really help solve the issue. Let's tackle the issue together and make sure the WhatsApp plugin works. Unfortunately, we did not hear back from you.

20 de novembro de 2021

Not many options for this service, so glad to see an awesome option like this. I was going to test a few more but am very happy with this option so far!

Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 2 months
Questão respondida por Maxwell 20 de novembro de 2021

It's great to hear from you. We are happy to include your feedback and expand on the options further. Contact us anytime!

4 de maio de 2021

It was super easy to install, helps the customer get in touch with me easily. The customer service is very helpful and responsive. I'm looking forward to playing with all the other features this app has to offer!

Exquisite Trimmings
Reino Unido
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: About 1 hour
Questão respondida por Maxwell 4 de maio de 2021

Awesome, we are always happy to help!

Editado a 3 de maio de 2021

/edit I will increase my rating since you changed your description and I even reinstalled but I still am not a fan because it doesn't alert me in any way when people message me. It shows up in messenger but there is absolutely no alert and it doesn't even show up as a new message,

POPular Designs and Collectibles
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 44 minutes
Questão respondida por Maxwell 3 de maio de 2021

Hey there, we're happy to help you set up notifications for Messenger and WhatsApp. Please follow the below instructions to receive notifications on your phone:

1) Install the Facebook Messenger app on your phone
2) Click on Switch account to transition to your Facebook page
3) Click on notifications and then add notifications with sound
4) Every time you get a message notification are sent to you

For WhatsApp, you can follow these steps:

1) Install the WhatsApp app on your phone
2) Go to Settings and activate notifications
3) Make sure your phone settings also have notifications for WhatsApp activated

All of this should help you respond in a timely manner to customer inquiries. Do let us know if there's anything else we can do to help. Our support is ready to assist you.

8 de março de 2021

WatsApp works well. But when the client opens Facebook messenger, the facebook messenger application does not open. The client can only communicate as a guest on facebook messenger.

Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: About 2 months
Questão respondida por Maxwell 8 de março de 2021

Great to read your review! "Guest chat" for Facebook's native chat plugin is optional and can be activated or deactivated through your Facebook page. Go to your Facebook page settings and navigate to the "Messaging" section. There you find the "Get started" button to configure the "Guest chat".

Once activated then "Guest chat" is added as an option. Your website visitors then do not require a Facebook or Messenger profile to chat with you. It should an option next to the normal chat through Facebook Messenger.

Once you deactivate "Guest chat" then your visitors can only chat through Facebook Messenger.

Contact us anytime if you still run into questions, we'll gladly review your store and walk you through the steps 👍

Editado a 4 de março de 2021

Is not fully free. Also you get added to the premium plan by default. When you click to ¨downgrade¨ your plan to the free tier, it's only a email link to write your request by email. I would not recommend this app. Also it's not free as it was listed. Trash EDIT: After posting the review the developer proceeded to harrass me via email about changing the review, citing how misleading people into the premium tier was a new "feature change" they had been "testing" and that they had changed back. On top of that, he proceeded to contact shopify complaining that since i used the word "trash" to refer to his app i had left an "angry review" which should be removed. I would stay as a far away as possible from this app and or developer.

Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 31 minutes
Questão respondida por Maxwell 2 de março de 2021

Hey there,

Ofcourse we want to speak to you to understand what went wrong and investigate with Shopify if any charges were wrongfully made. We never heard from you and neither did Shopify find any wrongful charges. We never experienced such behavior before, just check all our 5-star reviews. Trying to engage in conversation is aimed at problem-solving. Unfortunately you never wanted to speak to us and we were very surprised to receive a 1-star review when the app wasn’t used, a free upgrade to access new features was given and no charges were made. Reviews are aimed at being helpful and informative.

At the end of the day, we are in this to truly help Shopify merchants and we have already done this for 2 years, assisting 17.000+ Shopify stores. We wish you would have given us a chance to assist but you never did and simply provided a 1-star review without trying the app nor letting us help. Reviews are really aimed at being informative rather than sharing frustrations that have nothing to do with us. We do wish you in life and with your business in Colombia all the best. Be kind to your fellow small business owners in the Shopify ecosystem; you’ll be surprised how much support you get back :)

3 de fevereiro de 2021

I used this app to integrate a messaging option for my customers and it worked perfectly fine and easy. The customer support is brilliant, because the reply happened immediately with helpful information!

The Crazy Paps Crew
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 14 days
Questão respondida por Maxwell 3 de fevereiro de 2021

Thank you! Always happy to assist :-)

Editado a 4 de fevereiro de 2021

The app is very well designed and easy to use; the team was incredibly helpful in helping us figure out a few things, A+ customer support.

JxJ's Corner
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 5 months
Questão respondida por Maxwell 3 de fevereiro de 2021

Great to hear. Contact us anytime 👍

11 de janeiro de 2021

Maxwell, you have done us such a fantastic job, to be honest. Ordinary words cannot describe how extremely grateful I am. Your app and your service took my business to a new level. With the free plan I am on, I have the Messenger Chat Widget that offers so much ease and convenience for both myself and my customers including those making general inquiries on all sort of different things. Unlike email, the great thing about Messenger is that none of your messages get sent to a Junk or Spam folder and so you don't miss out on anything. That how excited I am about Maxwell's service. The guy is polite too; fast in response and to crown it all, very professional. I will recommend this app to anyone looking for a great tool to promote their business.

Smooth Choice Ecommerce
Reino Unido
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 10 months
Questão respondida por Maxwell 11 de janeiro de 2021

That's amazing to hear! We're here to help 💪

13 de outubro de 2020

Great App, even if it's free. Totally helpful for your ecommerce. However, the greatest thing is their CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Mr. Asbjørn, I would really like to thank you for your assistance! THE BEST!

Snow Skin
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: Almost 2 years
Questão respondida por Maxwell 5 de novembro de 2020

Any time, we're here to help you grow your business 👍