WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing

WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing


Chat live, build relationships & boost sales

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Provide Live Support

Choose between pre-designed chat plugins for Messenger & WhatsApp and build relationships with your customers on their favourite channels

Grow Messenger Contacts

Activate a beautiful popup theme or checkbox to collect Facebook Messenger contacts and automatically send them a discount code

Recover Carts & Sell More

Run automated campaigns on Facebook Messenger for special offers, cart recovery, order updates to achieve 7-15% extra sales within 30 days

WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing 정보

Chat live, build relationships & grow sales through WhatsApp & Messenger

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Our pre-built chat plugins, pop ups, checkbox, and templates let you boost your sales with WhatsApp & Messenger marketing in minutes. Start selling more products today!

How does it work?

WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing is the easiest way to boost sales during every shopping season. Take advantage of their marketing power with 3 to 4 times higher open and click-through rates than e-mail.

  • Only free WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing app that offers chat plugins, pop ups, checkboxes & automated campaigns all in one app.
  • Our dedicated team releases updates every 2 weeks based on your feedback and new Facebook features.
  • Our app is a great fit for stores that use apps for drop shipping, loyalty programs, product reviews, social media, or referral marketing.
  • If you have been using push notifications, email, or SMS marketing then you should definitely use our app to boost sales.

WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing offers:

Live Chat

Activate our WhatsApp & Messenger chat plugins to offer customer service on your customers' favorite channels.

Use our chat plugin settings to decide where and when to show our chat plugin.

Enable guest mode to allow visitors to message you anonymously.

Pop ups & Add to Cart Checkbox

Customize one of our pre-designed Messenger pop up themes or checkbox in a simple editor and go live with a professional-looking design.

A coupon pop up can appear on your site and lets you quickly increase sales. Use our settings to determine when, where, and how often the coupon pop up appears.

Checkboxes are shown on your product page and become part of the add to cart process.

Both plugins grow your contact list. This gives you the reach to win new customers and keep them coming back.

Click to Messenger Ads & Automated Campaigns

Intuitive tools allow you to activate Facebook advertising and messaging campaigns for coupon distribution, abandoned cart recovery, and order updates. Simple forms allow you to tailor your message to your brand strategy.

Click to Messenger Ads enable you to get new customers with Facebook Ads and share a discount code on Facebook Messenger.

Anytime a customer abandons their cart, they are automatically added to an abandoned cart queue. After an hour our app sends them a message in Facebook Messenger, giving you incredible reach and instant cart recovery.

Once the checkout has been completed, our system keeps track of the fulfillment status and sends a message to your customers once their package is dispatched and is out for delivery.

Key stats are available on your dashboard: track contacts, messages, orders, and sales.

Install our app and boost your sales today!


  • Facebook Messenger,
  • WhatsApp

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Forever Free


  • WhatsApp & Messenger Chat Plugins
  • Messenger Popups and Checkbox
  • Cart Recovery Sequence & Order Updates
  • Promotional Broadcasting
  • Analytics

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  • Click to Messenger Ads Template
  • Edit and Translate All Templates
  • Checkbox Message Trigger
  • VIP Support

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Not many options for this service, so glad to see an awesome option like this. I was going to test a few more but am very happy with this option so far!

개발자 회신

2021년 11월 20일

It's great to hear from you. We are happy to include your feedback and expand on the options further. Contact us anytime!

Exquisite Trimmings

It was super easy to install, helps the customer get in touch with me easily. The customer service is very helpful and responsive. I'm looking forward to playing with all the other features this app has to offer!

개발자 회신

2021년 5월 4일

Awesome, we are always happy to help!

POPular Designs and Collectibles

/edit I will increase my rating since you changed your description and I even reinstalled but I still am not a fan because it doesn't alert me in any way when people message me. It shows up in messenger but there is absolutely no alert and it doesn't even show up as a new message,

개발자 회신

2021년 5월 3일

Hey there, we're happy to help you set up notifications for Messenger and WhatsApp. Please follow the below instructions to receive notifications on your phone:

1) Install the Facebook Messenger app on your phone
2) Click on Switch account to transition to your Facebook page
3) Click on notifications and then add notifications with sound
4) Every time you get a message notification are sent to you

For WhatsApp, you can follow these steps:

1) Install the WhatsApp app on your phone
2) Go to Settings and activate notifications
3) Make sure your phone settings also have notifications for WhatsApp activated

All of this should help you respond in a timely manner to customer inquiries. Do let us know if there's anything else we can do to help. Our support is ready to assist you.