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23 november 2016

Definitely not recommended. The free version allows only 500 visitors to see the badge before it hides. This is incredibly low. You don't even see the benefits of the pro version with only 500 hits to see if you even want to upgrade. Probably will be uninstalling.

Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
Redigerat 9 september 2020

Spam, spam, spam and more spam. They'll try to shove their payed plans down your throat at abusive prices for the benefit of displaying a pesky notification on your site. They do not respect your option when unsubscribing from certain notifications and some you aren't even allowed to unsubscribe from. Good riddance.

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
9 mars 2023

POOR customer service! takes ages to respond. You have to wait at least 2-3 days before someone responds and even then it's just one message and then you have to wait again. The trustedsite badge was not showing in my website and the issue wasn't resolved when I gave them access to my site. I also been asking for a refund as I have uninstalled their app but they won't give me my refund even though the payment was less than 30 days ago.

Nya Zeeland
28 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 2 augusti 2021

clunky, slow, and tired of waiting around for support and the never arriving password reset. you cant register your proof of address through the shopify site, you have to go off piste. I wouldnt bother with these guys.

Rugby Radios UK
27 dagar användning av appen
7 juni 2023

At first the app was great, until i accidently picked the wrong plan and no I getting a outrageous charge even though I changed the plan once I realized it was the wrong plan. Then later deleted the app and the charge is still pending.

Stork Express
24 dagar användning av appen
TrustedSite svarade 8 juni 2023

Thank you for your review. Someone from our support team will be reaching out to you shortly to help resolve this issue.

9 augusti 2021

This app does nothing. My shop builder installed it and now i get tons of emails and the unsubscribe button does not work

22 dagar användning av appen
8 november 2019

i uninstalled this app about a month ago, i had the free version. i still get emails from them regarding analytics and impressions on my page when it comes to their badge. seems like their code is stuck in my shopify code or the developer hasn't fully uninstalled their app from my website. i already unsubscribed from their mailing list yet i still get emails from them.

16 dagar användning av appen
17 mars 2017

I activated a 30 day trial, and got charged right the next day. I don't like their support as they never responded back to my emails. I do not recommend it for Shopify store owners.

Girly Sales
12 dagar användning av appen
8 juni 2020

Small badge ( I mean really really tiny badge ) that I reaally had to search to find it . How can you help me build trust when you are not even visible ( in case you are in the same situation as me .. right corner lol) . And also , now not even visible because I got more than 500 visits in one month .... I mean I understand the game that I should pay if I have a service but first nothing special with the free badge and now I am penalized because I am trying really hard to get visibility and nooo I should not received to keep your tiny badge. You can keep it lol

11 dagar användning av appen
TrustedSite svarade 8 juni 2020

Thank you for your feedback. The trustmark is meant to sit in the bottom right or left corner of your site, but should be very visible. It sounds like there may have been a sizing issue here. One of our Customer Care reps will be reaching out to help you resolve this problem.

Redigerat 13 juni 2020

On est censés faire quoi avec seulement 500 visites dans le plan gratuit ?

Pour avoir eu le badge visible moins d’une demi journée sur mon site, je n’ai même pas eu le temps de constater si oui ou non mon taux de conversion augmentait.

De plus, les tarifs sont délirants et simplement inabordables.
J’ai du mal à comprendre sur quoi ils sont basés...

Nous recevons 25-30 000 visites par mois au minimum et au vu du prix pour ce quota de visites c’est sans nous.

Avant de vouloir truster des sites trustez l’application parce que ce type de pricing ça ne donne pas du tout confiance

9 dagar användning av appen
TrustedSite svarade 16 juni 2020

Thank you for your feedback. One of our Customer Care representatives will be reaching out to you shortly.