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i think the app is very good and it keeps what the developers promise. however, i miss the possibility of individualization. we would like to delete 2 fields in the liquid. thank you in advance and many greetings Caleb

TRAMOR Natursteinhandel
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This app seems stable, the admin interface is easy to use and responsive, but it falls frustrating short of our requirements because — as others have pointed out — it doesn't offer support for variants. The developer asked me to update my review in light of the fact that they do state in the description that this app doesn't support variants. I've revised my rating to 4 stars as I appreciate how important reviews are for small developers on the app store. But the fact remains; the app doesn't support variants, and the monthly fee is inexplicably high given the very limited feature set, so my honest review remains 3 stars. The developer has however kindly pointed us in the direction of another app which does what we require plus much, much more ... for a price not that dissimilar to this app. In summary: a useful app for basic stores. Not for more demanding power users, despite a price tag which may suggest otherwise! But thank you to Extendons for their support, and honesty in recommending a competing app.
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The app works well but it needs some improvements such as the ability to add variants to products. It’s the best app of its kind at the moment in term of how it’s integrated and customer service. Very close to being perfect.

U Print On It
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