Automated Retargeting Ads

Automated Retargeting Ads

de Meazy

Intelligent Retargeting strategies to boost sales & growth

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Retargeting in 1 click

Meazy automates every step from ad creation to optimization and conversion tracking. Simply activate the retargeting strategy to get started

Abundance of strategies

You get a multitude of retargeting strategies for your store to address specific issues you face when running an online retail business

Stable growth and more sales

Meazy smart retargeting constantly updates methods and techniques based on your user base to ensure efficiency and high ROIs

Acerca de Automated Retargeting Ads

We know that running your online store can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we built Meazy — a fully automated retargeting platform that addresses specific challenges for online retailers: decreasing abandoned carts, reengaging past visitors, increasing brand awareness, converting window-shoppers, and more.

What is Meazy?

Meazy is an online retargeting platform built to extend your marketing reach and grow your sales. With Meazy, you can increase your revenue by harnessing world-class retargeting tech deployed through top-performing retargeting strategies, all customized for your store!

Retargeting on auto-pilot

Save time and ditch the constant hussle of retargeting visitors . With Meazy, you have automatic access to robust audiences, engaging and dynamic ads, and tailored retargeting strategies . No need to have a PhD in advertising to enjoy high ROI from retargeting: Meazy already knows when to target your visitors, where to target them, and which products to promote to reach your biggest retargeting goals.

Delivering engaging banner ads to your customers

Reengage visitors and past customers with best-in-class banner ads. Meazy automatically creates, updates, and adapts a variety of unique banner ads for your store. No designer expertise is needed — you have it all covered with Meazy.

Blasting fast!

It only a minute to launch your first retargeting strategy and start bringing visitors back to your store! Watch your sales grow within the first week of a strategy launch!

Updating on the go

Meazy is fully compatible with Shopify and will adjust ads in real time to reflect changes in price, product availability, and so much more. We’re always testing out new formats, designs, and placements to determine what works best for your store.

Try Meazy to bring visitors back to your store with relevant, unique, and engaging ads!

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Instalación gratuita

Have your retargeting fully covered starting from 1 USD per day - advertising budget, creatives, segmentation included

3.7 con 5 estrellas

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App dint work from day one, kept messaging and emailing & sending screenshots of the errors to the support team for 4 days. BUT NO RESPONSE. So DELEATING IT

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We are satisfied with Meazy. Remarketing works well and in addition, it is possible to agree on an acquisition strategy. Communication with Ivan is very fast.

är Face mask

Super easy to use and clean remarketing platform with lots of great strategies. We were looking for G Ads alternative and Meazy fulfilled the purpose.