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2023년 1월 19일

Best App for Shopify! It saved me a lot of money for custom Apps. With this app I was able to create all features, which I needed for my shop. I created a custom booking platform with all the automated email flows and in addition to that I was able to build an exclusive trainer backend on my shopify page, to get my trainers the possibility to check all the relevant information for their courses and create new courses on their own without accessing the shopify backend and seeing all the numbers and data.
Absolute gamechanger!
Even if you are not that gifted with the best programming skills it is possible to reach your goals. If there are any problems you have the documentation, the best support I ever experienced and the big as forum, in which i also always got an answer or at least very good tips for my problems. Dont hesitate to reach out for them!

Thanks to Matt himself for solving many of my problems through the customer support!!

How to Mountainbike
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2023년 3월 10일

Mechanic is THE BEST app on Shopify hands down. It should have a lot more 5 star reviews then it currently has now.

Support is great! Isaac, Matt and the team on slack does such an awesome job helping answer questions for trouble shooting tasks or even task writing. Even if you're not writing your own tasks, the task library constantly have new tasks that provides great utility uses in your everyday operations.

The pricing philosophy is one of the best I've ever seen. The team really does work with you regardless of if you're a small or big revenue merchant.

Why is Mechanic the best? Just think Shopify Flow, but on steroids. It can do almost any task to make your backend operations organized and fluid. Need to tag orders that is the customer's first order? Or tagging customer for membership product and removing it after the membership duration is over? There's a task for that.

As of now there are 332 tasks in the task library. Go check it out and see if it has what you need -

iGel Beauty
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2023년 4월 27일

All other apps suck hahaha seriously the amount of value this app provides is INSANE. SO MANY THINGS they do for your shop, so easily, without needing to do code work or managing one million apps to do those things. Mechanic does everything it feels like haha. Customer service is more helpful than any app I've tried. Literally obsessed with this app and all that it can do and the people behind it!

Little Sycamore
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2023년 7월 12일

Great App. Saved us a lot of money for apps, since you can do so much like cancel orders, email customers etc easily with it. Great support and fast help in the slack channel as well. All in all the best shopify app i found so far and for the features really cheap.

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2023년 5월 9일

The Mechanic platform provides an extensible base to fulfil your automation dreams. If you have the creativity to think of something, the knowhow to pull some code together, and the ability to understand what might go wrong - Mechanic is the platform for you.

I have interacted with the Mechanic team on a couple of occasions for support, and I have found them to be helpful, prompt, and knowledgeable. There's a huge community around utilizing Mechanic - and the library of tasks is incredible.

All in all, an outstanding product, maintained by committed people, built for the Shopify community.

Trevenson Moor Limited, Cornwall
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2023년 1월 5일

This app is more than amazing. If you have an idea of what you want to implement in your shop, this app can do it. And very easy to use!

Having a slack channel for support is brilliant and adds the support from the community at the same time.

Support is 10 out of 5. I got a response in a few minutes and helped me accomplish my idea all the way.

Thank you!

Loophead Productions
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2023년 7월 30일

This app is the best - totally recommend it for automations like tagging, publishing, unpublishing.. and so many more! You literally can do anything.

Oh and customer support is AMAZING!! Couldn’t run my website without it.

Fashion Spot Panama
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2023년 8월 10일

Mechanic is an extremely powerful app that provides the flexibility of extremely custom workflows without the hassle of having to setup/maintain a server. Have used Mechanic for just about everything: from custom order printing to syncing information between apps that don't integrate with Shopify as nicely as we'd like them to. Super helpful documentation and support team.

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2022년 12월 8일

This app is great!! We initially needed it for funds capture after fulfillment (why Shopify doesn't have this option out of the box is mind boggling) but have found other tasks that have enabled other enhancements for our site as well.
Additionally, the support has been awesome and very timely.
I highly recommend this app!

Blueshift Nutrition
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2022년 11월 23일

An absolute must-have automation tool. Helps you go from being a normal user to a Shopify superuser. The open-source catalog of existing Mechanic tasks is an incredible resource for learning about the power of the platform.

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