Workflow Automation & Development Platform: Save Time, Grow!

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For developers and agencies.

Solve real problems and build reusable tools. Write tasks in Liquid; we’ll handle the GraphQL and REST APIs, the scaling, and the uptime.

For all merchants.

Speed up your workflow with automation. Draw from our library of 300+ automations, and let your Shopify store start working the way you do.

Shopify Flow integration.

Trigger Shopify Flow with a time delay! Run flows on existing customers, orders, or products. Supercharge your existing flows :)

有關 Mechanic

Mechanic is a development and automation platform, for unlocking the full potential of Shopify.

Each business is unique. Apps can fill in the gaps, when Shopify itself falls short.

Mechanic is here for all those situations where an app doesn't exist, when developing an app would be too expensive, or (honestly) when you'd like to replace many of your existing apps with just one.

You're a merchant?

Excellent. :) Our library contains more than 300+ automation tasks that you can plug into your store today. Feel free to experiment – your monthly subscription includes unlimited tasks, which you may run an unlimited number of times.

When you need something new, we've got a helpful community of developers in our Slack workspace, available for help and for hire. And because Mechanic tasks use Liquid, folks with any level of Shopify experience can get started quickly.

You can get started immediately with these tasks, and hundreds more, from our task library:

  • Email customers when tagged
  • Ask for reviews a week after order fulfillment
  • Cancel and close unpaid orders after x hours/days
  • Auto-tag customers when they purchase a matching product
  • Hide out-of-stock products
  • Maintain inventory for a product bundle
  • Accept a maximum number of orders per day
  • Auto-fulfill items that don't require shipping

You're a developer or agency?

Us too. :) We made Mechanic because too many merchant problems required spinning up an entire app. And scaling it. And monitoring it. And keeping the code healthy.

Now, any developer can (a) write some serverless code in Liquid, (b) allow merchants to configure it, using a UI that we automatically generate from your code, and (c) trust us to keep it running.

Developer features:

  • Free Slack workspace to learn, to get help, and to find development opportunities with merchants in our community
  • Rich documentation, hundreds of open-source tasks (everything in our library), and a YouTube channel of task development videos
  • All of standard Liquid, with extensions for building complex objects, and a bunch of useful filters
  • Receiving email, sending transactional email
  • Reading from and writing to the Shopify API, via both REST and GraphQL
  • Webhooks, for receiving data and triggering tasks; proper CORS support allows calling these from online storefronts
  • Sending requests to external HTTP APIs
  • Uploading files to external FTP/SFTP servers
  • Caching data locally, within Mechanic, to be used during future task runs
  • Generating PDFs from HTML
  • Generating ZIP archives of PDF or text (e.g. CSV) files, to be uploaded or emailed

Much has been done; there is much to do.

Find out more inside the app, or by clicking "Developer website" on the right. Email us with questions. We're here for you. :)


  • webhook,
  • zapier,
  • ftp,
  • email,
  • sms,
  • flow



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Sweet Gumball Wholesale

I've recently discovered Mechanic to assist with some back office automation and it delivered! I contacted the developer and got a quick and concise response. I highly recommend and will use several of their tasks to ease my development.

Zen Den Candles

We have been using Mechanic to automatically create elaborate Packing Slip and Order Prep Sheet pdf's every time an order comes in - that are emailed to our shop and auto printed. We also use many of the pre-written tasks on a one off basis to perform miscellaneous tasks - with the ability to customize to our specific needs. Not only is Mechanic an extremely powerful, sophisticated & effective automation tool - the company management continues to do everything right (in a world were so many don't)! Strong documentation, outstanding support - and helpful info can be found throughout their site. Top Notch - 100% Thank-you!

Jack Archer

I'm able to close 500 customer service tickets a day thanks to Mechanic. API sync issue with an app? Trigger an email. Need to send with personalized info in 500 emails to customers that meet a criteria ? Tag the orders and automate it with Mechanic. The possibilities are endless.