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Ardacart - Members Only Storefront

Ardacart - Members Only Storefront

Developed by Ardacart

5 reviews
Price: $14.95 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Give discounts based on membership rules to different customers
  • Approve and manage memberships to match your process
  • Offer advanced features like combined free shipping, discounts, and tax exemption

Ardacart is a different kind of membership app. It creates a special members-only portal in which only members can access the content. Ardacart is built around membership tiers from the start. This makes it fast and elegant at managing pricing and access on a per-member basis. No more dealing with hacked together solutions.

Customize your members portal to match your branding. Invite members based on your process. Offer discounts to members that do not in any way affect your regular shop product listings.

View the storefront demo: https://arda-demo.ardacart.com

How does it work?

  • As soon as you install, Ardacart creates your very own personal member shop with the products and collections of your Shopify store.

  • After that, you can create discount groups that can offer free shipping, tax exemption, or product discounts. You can also apply discounts specific to a product's title, tag, etc using our smart discounts tool.

  • Ardacart's member invite process makes it simple to create exclusive invitations to your store's private shopping experience.

  • You can also allow customers to request access themselves with Ardacart's in-depth customized registration process. Need to ask for proof of license? What about a manual approval with other specific information? Ardacart lets you customize what you require for registration and approve new members fast and simply.

Why use Ardacart?

  • Because Ardacart operates completely on it's own portal, it is compatible with all themes with no set-up process! This means that your main site is safe from modifications that can slow or cause errors for your normal customers.

  • An integrated solution means that you don't have to glue multiple apps together and hope everything works out. Ardacart manages memberships with elegance.

  • Fine-grain controls over which products are discounted that react in real time with changes to your shop mean you have to manage complex rules less often.

  • Ardacart's membership onboarding process is unique in the space. It provides a complete solution to converting your customers to members and allowing you to set up your own process for approval.

  • Invoices are clearer with each line item explaining exactly which discount was applied.
  • Ardacart - Members Only Storefront reviews

    5 reviews
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    5. 1 star (0 reviews)

    It's free and good. I am new using this app and so far its good.


    Easy to set up and working good so far


    Not a bad try but there are a lot of things that don't appeal to me
    1. No Shop logo
    2. No incentive to give these customers a discount, something like a tiered discount for a certain amount spent; like spend €20 per month and get 5%, spend €50 a month and get 10% so the app needs a lot more functions to make it viable, why giveaway discounts if the store gets nothing in return?
    3. The app does not pick up that my store has multiple languages so can only use it for English users, and then defaults to the French payment page
    4.No social links
    I don't really see the need for such an app in its current form


    Easy to set up and landing page for it looks perfect for my customer base.

    RomanceKeeper.com Thank you.


    Seems useful so far however when adding members via e-mail it doesn't seem to send the e-mails out within 10-15 minutes. I assume they will be sent later in a batch file?

    Also - it'd be nice to be able to add members via existing customers without needing to 'invite' them.

    5 stars so far, will provide further feedback if anything changes.

    $14.95 / month
    7 days

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