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開發者:Avia Solutions

Simple Drag and Drop Visual Merchandising Manager

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Simple Drag and Drop Visual Merchandising Manager

Are you tired of manually merchandising your products? Find yourself spending hours moving products one by one in Shopify Collections, and constantly flipping between screens to check your work?

Key Features:

  • Move one or multiple products at a time
  • Save and schedule merchandising updates
  • Use on screen inventory and age data to make informed decisions
  • Reduce scrolling up and down to get the right assortment in the right places

With Merchandise, you can take complete control over your product assortment and how it is displayed. Our easy to use, drag-and-drop visual editor lets you move one or multiple products throughout your collection in seconds.

With our built-in visual editor, you can see exactly how your changes will look on-screen, directly inside the dashboard prior to saving any changes to your live site. Once you are ready to commit to the changes, they are pushed in bulk and updated all at once. This means you now have the ability to do full collection flips without comprising the aesthetics of your store while you do it.

Planning a big promotion? Merchandise allows you to setup, save and or schedule your collection to automatically publish at a later time or date. You can rest easy knowing that you can now merchandise on your schedule, without having to stay up late to make any last minute changes before a late night sale kick-off.

Adding Merchandise to Your Store

Easily implemented into your store via an app, Merchandise lives inside the Shopify admin panel.



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  • For, Shopify and Advanced Shopify Plans.

Gold Plus

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  • For Shopify Plus Users.

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1.0 5 顆星


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Highly Bad Support with lot of Bugs in the app. Trying to cooperate with the team from past one month. But till now, I have not acheived anything.

Club L London - UK

Seems good on my two sites where it works, my main site won't sync at all. Asked for support three times since last week and had no reply. Tried to reinstall and still no syncing. Would be great if I could get support to get it up and running.