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Merchant Protector by Awesome Software

Merchant Protector by Awesome Software

Developed by Awesome Software

Price: Free – $99.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Block problem customers with Friendly Fraud prevention
  • Reduce the time you spend reviewing orders
  • Fraud prevention automatically customized to your store

In the last six months, Merchant Protector has saved over 175 Shopify stores more than $2 million.

It's a sad fact of life that when you sell online, people try to steal from you. And as a merchant, you shoulder all of the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Install Merchant Protector to fight fraudulent orders.

Every Order Screened Right Away

We screen every one of your incoming orders for risks. A high level overview is available right on your Shopify dashboard - no need to open a separate window.

A complete, detailed analysis of every order is just a click away.

We'll notify you by email if an order seems suspicious

The Best 'Friendly Fraud' tools

Fraud from known customers (as opposed to virus-infected computers) is called 'Friendly Fraud.' Go beyond Shopify's Fraud filter to flag or block orders from all of your problem customers, automatically.

Built In Review Tools

The most time consuming part of stopping fraud is manual order review. Merchant Protector gives you tools to review questionable orders faster AND more accurately. We can even integrate our order review tools directly into your helpdesk or CRM software.

How Merchant Protector improves on Shopify's built in fraud detection:

1. Customer Inspection

Every aspect of the transaction is inspected to compare it to your list of known-bad transactions. Statistical matching helps catch customers who slightly vary their identifying information.

2. Store Specific Risks

Every store has different kinds of risks. We learn from your order history what kinds of things to watch out for, and alert you automatically. We can even develop custom screening rules just for you.

3. Detailed Order Inspection

  • Locator and Confirmations identify where the order was placed from, along with the billing and shipping addresses on a map. For more assurance, you can also request email confirmations.
  • Checkout Attempts: Merchant Protector shows you exactly how many times a customer tried to check out before they managed to enter all of the payment information correctly. This can be extremely handy when looking at suspicious orders

  • Proxy and Virus Detection: Checks to see if the order was placed from a virus-infected computer or botnet.

  • Fully Customizable Alerts: Get an alert email if any order is marked as risky according to your customizable preferences.

Pays For Itself

Merchant Protector pays for itself with the FIRST fraudulent order it catches. On average, merchants save over $1500 per month by using Merchant Protector.

What You Get

Fully automatic screening of all your orders, up to your plan limit. All of your reports are archived so you can easily access them at any time. Fraud screening data includes:

  • Industry leading detection of known-risky emails, addresses, proxy lists, and freight forwarders

  • Detailed comparison against your 'naughty list'

  • Social Media data on your customers

  • Geolocation of order and confirmation location

  • Customized risk data based on your shop's individual order patterns

  • Data on failed checkout attempts


Merchant Protector pays for itself as soon as it catches just ONE fraudulent order. Most merchants see an ROI greater than 1000%. See pricing details here.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try out Merchant Protector free for 30 days. There's no commitment, and you can cancel Merchant Protector any time.

Any Questions?

Need a super-big enterprise plan? Custom detection rules? We've got you covered.

Email will@merchantprotector.net

Merchant Protector by Awesome Software reviews (17)


I have used all of the other major apps that have to do with fraud protection. This is by far the best choice, it is easier and faster to use, you can see everything at a glance. Amazing app, great support. If you have not tried this app yet.... You should.


Great app to quickly review your orders.
Accuracy to pinpoint fraudulent orders is pretty high.
Can also pinpoint location, social profiles, etc.
Would definitely recommend it!


Excellent app ! It has saved me a lot of time and hassle reviewing orders! And it works for sure too because for previous fradulent orders that i had before installing this app, it gave them a very high risk score, these guys know what they are talking about!


Highly recommended to every merchant who sells online!


Great service!!


With the paid version being an investment, I decided to try the free version. Can never be too careful with fraudulent orders right? This app however, seems pointless. It doesn't scan all orders and the ones it does are customers who have ordered previously or ones who pay with PayPal. The integration fraud protection through Shopify seems to be just as productive.


Very good tool to give you a snapshot of your purchases. It does the manual work of looking up ip addresses, etc automatically.


Powerful app. Very comprehensive and can trace the order particulars.


I highly recommend this app to anyone who's looking for protection against fraudulent order!


Very impressive app! Really helps deal with uncertain orders and pays for itself just by preventing one order from a chargeback!

Free – $99.00 / month
30 days

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