Merchbees Low Stock Alert

Merchbees Low Stock Alert


Inventory Management: Low Inventory Alert & Out of Stock Alert

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Low Stock & Inventory Alerts

Get low inventory or out of stock notifications via email or Slack. Include a CSV file of the low in stock items automatically.

Instant and Scheduled Alert

Receive inventory alert notifications instantly when an item's stock goes below the threshold or schedule low inventory alerts.

Location-Based/Advanced Filter

Inventory management with location-based low stock alerts. Various filters, e.g., collections, vendors, tags, products, variants, and SKUs.

Merchbees Low Stock Alert 정보

No out of stock products, no lost sales anymore!

Inventory management is very crucial for each Shopify merchant. If an item is out of stock, you will lose some sales. In addition to that, you may also lose a long-term customer. Customers go to a different store to find the desired item, and next time, they will choose the other store if they are satisfied with their shopping experience.

Merchbees Low Stock Alert prevents you from losing out on sales and customers by notifying you when the items' inventory level is below a specific threshold. This way, you can restock an item before it is out of stock. Even if you don't want to restock, you can hide your sold-out products with out of stock alerts. It is also important for the user experience.

Easy installation

Easy inventory management! Set up low stock / out of stock notifiers in a few seconds; no coding is required.

New Feature!

Set low stock thresholds using CSV export&import feature!


- Email and slack notifications

Create various low stock or out of stock notifiers and receive an email/Slack notification when your product's inventory quantity is equal or less than the stock threshold you set.

- Instant alerts

Receive an inventory alert as soon as your products' stock level is less than the stock level you set.

- Email scheduling

Choose the best day and time for receiving notifications. For example, you can select "every Monday and Wednesday at 9 am."

- Location-based alert

Create different inventory alerts location-based.

- Track product or variant inventory

You can create sold out alerts based on all variants' total stock linked to the same product or variant level.

- Advanced filtering and live search functionality

You can select the items with live search functionality and using multiple filters; location, collection, product, variant, SKU, vendor, or tag. You can also exclude products, variants, or tags you don't want to be alerted for.

- Export & Import stock thresholds using CSV

You can export all products with only one click. And, import them and their low stock thresholds easily.

- Email and sender customization

Create your email templates and get emails in your native language. And also, customize the email sender address for each out-of-inventory alert.

- Product images

Identify your products with their images.

- CSV attachments

Receive a CSV file, including low stock products, inside your out of stock email.

- Real-time out of stock reports

See all "out of stock variants" on the report within the application. There is a real-time inventory report page for each alert.

- Export your low stock items

Export your low stock products to Excel, CSV, and PDF on the application.

- Multiple email addresses

Set multiple email recipients for each low inventory alert.


  • Slack

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Free Plan


  • Up to 100 SKU (Variant)
  • 1 scheduled alert (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Advanced filtering (Collection, Vendor, Tag)
  • Real-time inventory reports

Professional Plan


또는 연당 $47.88 로 $3.99/월 청구

  • Up to 8,000 SKU
  • Free plan features
  • Unlimited scheduled alerts
  • Unlimited real-time alerts
  • Location-based stock tracking
  • Priority Support

Enterprise Plan


또는 연당 $89.88 로 $7.49/월 청구

  • Up to 100,000 SKU
  • Professional plan features
  • Import with CSV
  • Slack notification
  • Email customization & product images
  • Sender customization

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4.9 별 5개 중

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Funky Moose Records

Does exactly what I need it to do and when it didn't, support was very helpful in making it do what I wanted. Recommended!

개발자 회신

2021년 5월 2일

We're happy to help, thank you so much for sharing your experience!

Rae Vino

Pros: 1) Easy to set up/nice UI 2) Very good customer service Cons: 1) Unable to see low-stock inventory from one location alongside available inventory from all locations or specific locations (ie our warehouse) 2) Removing out-of-stock items that we don't plan to restock is somewhat cumbersome and must be done one-by-one outside of the core list alert UI (some sort of 'exclude' checkbox or x-out button on products in the core list alert UI would be ideal and a major time saver. 3) No means to manually enter warehouse sub-locations (or pull from Shopify tags) for staff to easily see where products needing restock are located. This means we have to cross-reference the low stock alerts with another list. From what I can tell, the developer is constantly working on improvements, so I will update this review as new features/solutions to the above become available.

개발자 회신

2021년 5월 14일

Thank you for sharing your experience. We are glad to see you as an active user of our application. When we develop a feature, we assess the negative/positive impacts for the other users. We don't want to create additional complexity for the existing users. Thanks for your understanding.


This is a great streamline app that helps us to keep us up to date and alerts us when we hit below a specific level of products. One of the big plusses is that it can be integrated straight into Slack where we get daily notifications straight into our dashboard. Its perfect for our needs. Their customer service is also excellent when ever you need to ask them a question. Thank you Merchbees Low Stock.

개발자 회신

2021년 4월 6일

Thank you for the awesome review and for sharing your experience!