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  • Sell completely original merch without creating inventory
  • Earn profit margin on merch without tying up precious cash
  • Looks like you shipped it yourself (Your name even on the packing slip!)

Sell Awesome Merch, Made-on-Demand.

Most apps enable you to optimize your ecommerce. Merchify™ literally straps a full-scale merchandise production and distribution platform to your Shopify store! It almost sounds too good to be true, but Merchify™ enables you to easily sell original merchandise WITHOUT ever carrying inventory. And unlike many popular on-demand solutions, Merchify™ lets You keep your own customers! You just bring great designs and tons of orders, Merchify handles the rest.

Easy. Like Sunday morning easy.

So how does it work?

  1. You install the app

  2. You select the product type you want to sell (T-Shirt, Poster, etc.)

  3. You answer a few simple questions (SKU, Price, etc.)

  4. You upload high-resolution artwork

  5. You publish to Shopify and put your item for sale

Whenever anyone orders one of your Merchify products, we produce and ship it on your behalf, usually within 3-5 business days. We even upload a shipping confirmation number back into Shopify to let your customers track it.

What can I sell?

Merchify™ enables you to sell many different kinds of products, including:

  • T-shirts - Choose between American Apparel 100% Cotton, 50/50 & Triblend or Gildan or Anvil Value blanks

  • Tank Tops - Choose between premium American Apparel or Gildan blanks

  • Hoodies - Choose between zippered Alternative Apparel or pullover American Apparel hoodies

  • Kids Tees & Baby Onesies - Gildan Youth Tees and Rabbit Skin baby onesies

  • Posters - From 12"x18" through 24"x36"

  • Canvas Wraps - From 12"x18" through 24"x36", Handstretched plain-woven fabric on fir wood frame

  • Mugs - 15 oz. dishwasher/microwave safe ceramic coffee mugs

  • Mousepads - Full color mousepads on black, open-cell rubber backing

  • Laptop Skins - Printed, Laminated on a repositionable vinyl adhesive

  • iPhone Cases - Black & White Rubber Cases for iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 6 Plus

  • iPad Cases - Black & White Rubber Cases for iPad 2,3 & 4

How Much Can I Make?

That’s up to you. If you price your products using Merchify’s suggested retail, you’ll make between 15-25% margin. Charge more if you’d like to pocket more cash. Or charge less if you prefer.



  • T-Shirts - Gildan $14-16

  • T-Shirts - American Apparel 2001 Fine Jersey$16-18

  • Premium T-Shirts - American Apparel Poly-Cotton $18.50

  • Premium T-Shirts - American Apparel Triblend $19.50

  • Tank Tops - Gildan $14-16 - American Apparel $16-18

  • Hoodies - American Apparel Pullover $30 - Alternative Apparel Zip Hoodie $35

  • Kids T-Shirts - Gildan $14-15

  • Baby Onesies - Rabbit Skins $14-15

  • Posters - 12x18 Unframed $12 - 12x18 Framed $40
  • Posters - 18x24 Unframed $15 - 18x24 Unframed $50

  • Posters - 24x36 Unframed $20 - 24x36 Unframed $85

  • Canvas Wraps - 12x18 $45

  • Canvas Wraps - 18x24 $60

  • Canvas Wraps - 24x36 $100

  • Mugs (15oz) - White $12 - Black $14

  • Mousepads $12

  • Laptop Skins $16

  • iPhone 4&5 Cases $19

  • iPhone 6&6+ Cases $21

  • iPad 2, 3 & 4 Cases $28
    • Shipping/Handling

    • US Domestic - 1st Item $5

    • US Domestic - Add'l Items $2/per

    • International - 1st Item $8

    • International - Add'l Items $3/per

    Certain bulkier items (Canvas Wraps, Framed Posters & Hoodies) are heavier to ship and incur distinct Shipping Surcharges. More details here.

    Who Is Using Merchify?

    Merchify already powers the on-demand merchandising of hundreds of awesome Shopify stores. For inspiration, check out some of these examples.

  • Black Girls Rock sells awesomely designed apparel and more.

  • Achewood sells over 500 comics, along with Tees & Mugs

  • Henri, Le Chat Noir sells Tees, Mousepads, Mugs & Posters

  • Found Footage Festival sells Tees and Coffee Mugs
  • This amazing app can help you also start earning margin on original swag without tying your precious cash up in inventory.

    Backed by Amplifier®

    Amplifier produces and ships merchandise for many well known Internet brands.(e.g. Mailchimp, Rowdy Gentleman, Rooster Teeth, Despair, Inc. and Glennz Tees to name a few.) In addition to providing fulfillment for online stores & crowdfunded projects, Amplifier also supports T-Shirt giveaways and premium Screen Printing. Now the same industrial-strength merchandising machinery behind Amplifier is available to anyone with a Shopify store. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Make your merch ROCK!

    All terms, features products and prices subject to become more awesome.

Merchify™ reviews

23 reviews
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  5. 1 star (7 reviews)

If your goal is to easily drop ship high-quality, custom products, then Merchify is the way to go.

Installation and product creation are as easy as advertised. Customer service has been quick to respond to any issues and helpful in pointing me in the right direction to find a resolution.

As a business that doesn't want to tie up cash in inventory, but still provide high-quality products, Merchify has been exactly what I need. I highly recommend them if you're in a similar situation!


Merchify let us beta-test a new feature that let's us combine their print-on-demand products with stocked goods, too. In other words, they warehouse all of my inventory and do pick/pack for everything I sell, but when I have orders which include print-on-demand goods, they actually will print those on-demand goods and ship them out with my stocked goods. I don't have to pay freight twice! This is an incredibly useful t-shirt sellers in particular. We can launch new shirts without having to screen-print in bulk quantities before we've gauged demand. If something is a huge hit, we just screen print it. They do that for me too.

Print Quality is good enough that our end customers usually can't tell the difference between screen-printed and Merchify-printed tees. (Note: art selection is critical here.) User interface feels a bit 'cute' but the feature set here is surprisingly robust. Overall, this is a breakthrough app for us. We are retooling our t-shirt offerings to better take advantage of the incredible flexibility offered by Merchify.


Want to save yourself a LOT of time and headaches? Go to the "competing" Shopify apps of Level Press, Pressera & ThePrintful, for starters, and read my DTG reviews there. You'll be mildly horrified.

Then come back here and download Merchify and get QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY down to business with Merchify. What more do I need to say other than Merchify is the ONLY one of these apps currently that has PERFECT SYNCHRONIZATION between the stored products in their app dashboard and YOUR STORE'S ACTUAL MERCHIFY GENERATED PRODUCTS.

If you make one iota change in YOUR store for a particular Merchify generated product, the CHANGE immediately reflects in the Merchify dashboard.

Likewise, if you make one iota change in Merchify's store for a particular Merchify generated product, the CHANGE immediately reflects in your Shopify product (that Merchify generated in the first place).

Topher in their tech support department was very helpful as well during the one phone I've made just to get a better understanding of what's clearly the best DTG app associated with Shopify. NO ONE ELSE is EVEN CLOSE. I know. I've checked them all out THOROUGHLY.


We love Merchify's support and effort in making the best product out there. Sure small little things would be cool (lower costs, on the back side printing) but overall, we love them. Would recommend anyone else out there to try them out :)


OK, these folks officially have my business. Not only was it easy to set up, I went through the process of ordering both a mug and shirt directly from my store, even applying a discount code for good measure. The whole thing was seamless and I just received both the mug and t-shirt. The quality was great (and I am NOT easy to please on that front). Way to go. Next step is adding all my art to the available merchandise and expanding the offering on my store. Cheers!


Great interface and integration to the Shopify platform - it is almost too simple. I recently made a switch from an inventory based system with Yahoo Stores and have zero regrets.

I have been working with Amplifier (parent company of Merchify) since 2008 and can attest that they are great to work with. The staff are all very helpful and have a lot of integrity. Although this is not promised, I have seen some orders go out on the same day that they were purchased!

Steve - Engrish.com


My only complaint with this app is that they don't give you the pixel dimensions when you're uploading your images onto the products, translates to a lot of wasted time trying to figure out what image will work.


Been using the beta for a while and it's great integration. The new version released makes managing on-demand products significantly easier, and the quality that Amplifier produces is top notch. Highly recommended.


We've been lucky enough to be Merchify beta testers since Day 1. It's the ecommerce app for which we've been waiting. For Found Footage Fest, it's the perfect way to offer and test A LOT of different T-shirts without having to tie up tens of thousands of dollars sitting in inventory. Sure, the margins aren't going to allow for 100% mark-up, but they have recently added the option of less expensive tees and that means larger margins for us. Good job, Merchify!

Also, Merchify's fulfillment is second-to-none, and it's all included.


This is the app I always hoped would come to market. The hardest part of managing an online store has been tying cash up my cash in inventory. With Merchify, we're now offering over 500 products (in) our store, I haven't put a penny into stock...and they're adding new products regularly (like the new line of women's tees). A true all-in-one solution for quickly and easily bringing new designs to market. Best part is that all the products look great and fulfillment is handled by professionals. This is a watershed moment for the Shopify app store.


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