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If you value your reputation, and that of your business, I would strongly advise against downloading the MerchMixer app. During the short time I have been trying to utilize MerchMixer’s services, I have attempted to fulfill 12 orders through them. I say “attempted”, because out of the 12 orders, only 6 went out to the customers without a hitch. Yes, you read that right, they only got 50% of my orders correct, out on time, and with no issues. That is a TERRIBLE record. MerchMixer outright canceled the fulfillment request for 3 of the orders, because they did not have the items in stock, including the very first order I placed with them. This was despite the fact that their system, which is supposedly supposed to synch with your Shopify stores inventory, stated there were plenty of all 3 items in stock. On another order, they sent out the wrong item to my customer. After receiving an email from the customer notifying me of the mistake, I sent an email to MerchMixer requesting they send out the correct item to the customer. Instead of actually taking care of it, they forced me to make my customer take a picture of the wrong item to prove they had made a mistake. We are talking about a $6 little trinket that they made my customer go out of their way to take and send me a pic, in order to get what they actually paid for. After sending them the pic of the item, instead of sending the correct item to my customer, they just refunded my money and didn’t bother to actually do what I asked. Then there are the system issues. The first order I ever submitted that I stated above ended up being canceled by them because it was out of stock, their system re-submitted 3 more times afterward. Because I had a valid credit card on file, and auto-fulfill enabled with them, they charged me 3 additional times for the item that they didn’t even have in stock. Then their system glitched again on two more orders, resubmitting both a second time as well. This time, though, they did actually have the items in stock. So instead of asking me why I would have two orders each for two customers with the same order numbers and item, they charged me for both duplicate orders again, and sent the items out to the customers. I literally requested they cancel both duplicate orders only minutes after they had been resubmitted by their crappy system, but because they took 2 whole business days to bother to respond to the cancelation request, both duplicate orders went out to my customers. They then had the audacity to ask me to request the customers send the items back, which is against the law for any business to ask a customer to do. When I mentioned this to Matt, whom seems to be either the owner, manager, or face of the company, he immediately got very defensive and downright rude with me. He even attempted to blame me for the fact that their system had screwed it up. Honestly, I have actually never been spoken to, as a customer, by the representative of a business I am paying money to, like Matt did to me regarding their screwup. Needless to say, MerchMixer has not only cost me hours of time, money and headaches, but they have also undoubtedly cost my business several customers as well. Consider yourselves warned.

Boardwalk Ts & Things

I rated Matt and the Merch Mixer team with 5 Stars! They have exceeded my expectations with responsiveness, quality of products, and on time shipping. We have had a few orders take approximately 3-4 weeks to get to the customers but that's not the norm and it appears to be a select few products. I am signed up with other drop ship companies and it has been a hit or miss with quality and shipping. This Holiday, I used Merch Mixer as my primary drop shipping company and we exceeded all our Financial targets! Our retun rate is running 8% which is much less than the industry average at 15% this season. I am very please with this company and so glad I gave them a try-- it has been a game changer for our business! Thanks the Merch Mixer team and ALL you do to fulfill our requests timely!

Developer reply

January 3, 2021

Thank you so much for this wonderful review Sue!

You have been a pleasure to work with as well.

Your attention to detail has been impressive and we are excited to be your partner.

Thanks for installing MerchMixer. We are here to help you with your Shopify dropshipping business.

SoCal Health

I love this app! Fast delivery times, nice selection of products, and really quick response time from the entire staff. Two of my best sellers are from this app! Keep up the great work!

Amy and Ben Co.

I had some issues with my first order from MerchMixer, however Matt resolved them. I am looking forward to working together with MerchMixer.


I absolutely love this app!! Very easy to add products, edit products, fulfill orders, etc! They keep up with inventory, have great descriptions with little to no mistakes, & shipping from US is a plus!! They get the products out in a timely manner & has not failed me yet even in the midst of the pandemic! They reply when contacted.. It's just an awesome app & great service!! I'll always use this distributor!! Love it!!

Crafted Memory

Please read: I have been using this app for a couple months now and my results have outstanding! Reaching 12X ROAS on google with lightning fast shipping to the united states. (they even send my customers tracking & order fulfillment is done by clicking only 1 button). Some margins are insanely high too, absolute money printer! All these products are brand name which make my store look super established and trustworthy and I can say with full confidence that this is the best supplier that I have used. All the brand names get you insane CTR on google I LOVE IT! I've talked to support and they are by far the best people I have worked with. Replying almost instantly and genuinely lovely people. They had a couple issues in the past when they had just launched but everything is cleared up and it is OUTSTANDING. I am even contemplating posting this review because I want their products all to myself! I have given much thought to this and merchmixer is shifting dropshipping from the stigmatized aliexpress upmarks to a fully automated online retail branded product business. Apps like this are the future.

Wynings Enterprises, LLC

Just wanted to say thank you we recently became joined Merchmixer. It went very smoothly to add you to our store. We was very happy how easy it was to find products and add them to our store. I wanted to personally test every thing to make sure if there was any issues we could fix them before it got to customers. So after adding products to our store I went in as a customer and went shopping. happy to say everything when very smoothly at check out and conformations. With in a few seconds the order came to the our company computer and we was able to process it right away. I am excited to say that my order was delivered on time and with no issues. Thank you for your hard work to make everything flow smoothly it is greatly appreciated.


Really impressive catalog of products, it's the only dropshipping app I've tried that has brand name products. I've received several orders for products from their marketplace so far and the fulfillment process was seamless. I'm very satisfied and now I have added nearly 1,000 products to my shop from them.

Stylz Select

This app seemed to be a really good app at first glance, but due to some issues not being addressed may potentially be problematic for your business. So I would use with caution. I placed a small order for myself to test the app, and found that you do not receive any tracking information as specified in the email, and the order duplicated itself 4 times. Luckily my card was only charged once. What I also discovered is that the item quantity and order status isn't syncing between the app and shopify. I reached out to customer service to advise of issues and was told someone would get back to me, but never heard back (this was since the beginning of november). I reached back out to customer service and was told to just archive the order manually in shopify if already received. Also in order to get the most accurate quantity for an item you will need to delete it from shopify and the app and then import it from the app again (imagine having to do that everyday for all items; very time consuming). The only good thing was the order i placed arrived quickly and they have a wide selection of items to import and pricing not too bad.


!st i had disguise myself to see how everyone getting treated. Since we had received alot a complaint. Which I determine the claim has been true. 2nd if you give this person a bad review he will held your order under hostage until you kiss his a@@. you have to rewrite the review to his liking. This company is will now be under investigation. He is holding government money & will not pay it back they made terrible mistake. I told him he didnt know who he was dealing with. He will know now. This F_up now. There's still continue charging and the person I gv this website to has never used this company. The company only good when they send the product out. But once they mess up they put the blame on you. I had to reported them to the FBI because a new one came in dec. How In the hell there still charging if they will was discontinue in oct. They only have 3 employees work with them. To them that makes it alright to mess up orders. They bait & they will still you blind. What kinda company charge 48 times to your credit card. You're afraid to be a man but someone has to be . I will not rest until all this scandalously people is off the site. I give out way too much money to help people & have the person dream drain from them. Like I told you can laugh all you want . Guess what I will get the last laugh this is not my first rideo & you not be the last . Watch next week while we explore IRS AND FBI Be in your business

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