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21. März 2023

This app is amazing and their team is super helpful. Shout out to Shannon at Mesa for helping me to find a solution to automate orders with various vendors, saving us a ton of time. Thank you so much!

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ShopPad Inc. hat geantwortet 23. März 2023

I'm so glad to hear that you had such a fantastic experience and that working with Shannon created a solution that made your life easier. Thank YOU for the kind words!

Bearbeitet am 4. April 2023

It has been such a great experience working with the MESA team. Everyone is so nice and helpful (plus they respond quickly to help requests). I wanted to use an app that wasn't listed and they created a workflow for me that will save me SO much time. Jordin is a magician!

The app works great for me and my business and is making reporting a breeze.

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ShopPad Inc. hat geantwortet 4. April 2023

We are so delighted to have had the opportunity to assist you with your workflow and work on this together. We agree that Jordin is amazing and can work magic with automation :) We look forward to working together again.

20. September 2022

This application saved significant development time. There are other services/apps that allow similar automation, but what separates MESA is ShopPads customer service. With other larger companies, you sometimes wait a week for technical help. ShopPad responds quickly and can even address complicated code questions if you decide to write custom code for their automation framework.

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27. April 2021

I used this app to set up an automation to work in close coordination with our fraud detection application. Mesa customer support was amazing. They helped me get the automation up and running in a few hours. - I started my question on chat and then ironed it out over email. Thank you Mesa for saving us time and money!

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18. November 2021

Incredibly useful app! It has replaced zapier and adds many more features that are suited for shopify. We're currently using it to send orders placed on one store, and send it to our main shopify store. Great app and terrific service!

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30. September 2020

Needed something unique and technical done that was actually super necessary for my business and Matt from mesa was able to assist immediately. I was up and running within minutes.

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Bearbeitet am 14. November 2022

We are using MESA to keep our Shopify customer database in sync with an external custom system. This is something Shopify Flow is not able to accomplish. Overall, MESA is a powerful solution. It lacks robust documentation, and there is a lot of trial and error, but MESA support staff is very responsive and helpful. One major omission for MESA is their ability to handle branching (if/then/else logic). But this can be overcome by building separate workflows. This can increase the monthly cost, though, as cost is based on the number of workflows active as well as the number of executions. I can wholly recommend this solution as others fall short.

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4. Oktober 2022

started using this app and can't wait to see how easier it will make my life. One of the best support teams I have dealt with, very helpful

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21. März 2023

Provided the much needed solution to automating our reports on shopify. No other app had the automating capability - yet alone so simple and easy to use!
Thank you!

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ShopPad Inc. hat geantwortet 24. März 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review! I am so pleased that our app was able to provide a helpful solution that was easy to get up. We look forward to helping with more in the future.

5. April 2021

Mesa is great and the support matches that. I'm no developer, but their team is quick to jump in and answer any questions that I have. I can't recommend them enough!