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11. Januar 2024

We installed and used this app on two of our three shopify stores for $20 per store. It worked well for a simple automation to add postcards to orders. A few months later we went ot install it on our 3rd store and suddenly a new pricing structure. Now our automation were considered too long and we had to pay the new price of $96 per store to run our automation. We have to use 3 stores to manage currency differences but it's essentially one website. The system works, but the pricing sure doesn't. Almost $300 a month to add postcards to orders. There are other apps just as good for much less.

Blonyx UK
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ShopPad Inc. hat geantwortet 11. März 2024

We're sorry the new pricing structure has impacted you this way, especially with your unique setup across multiple stores. We aim to offer value and understand your concerns. Let's discuss how we can make things work better for you. Could you reach out to our support? We're eager to explore options that might fit your needs better. Your feedback is crucial in helping us improve.

Bearbeitet am 10. Januar 2024

App would be great if it would work properly. Makes soo many mistakes every second day. Need to check every day if it made a mistake and edit manually. This is so annoying and time consuming. Really unsatisfied with this app. It is just an automation which should not be hard at all to run smoothly.

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ShopPad Inc. hat geantwortet 11. März 2024

We're genuinely sorry to hear about your frustrating experience with our app, and we apologize for the inconvenience these issues have caused you. Automation should indeed simplify your workflow, not add to your tasks. Your feedback is crucial for us to improve, and we're keen to resolve the problems you've encountered. Could you please reach out to our support team directly? We'd like to understand the specific issues in more detail and work closely with you to ensure a smoother, more reliable experience moving forward. Your satisfaction and success matter to us, and we're here to help make things right.

7. November 2023

I feel like MESA has committed FRAUD and THEFT with my account. I just found that MESA was overbilling me BEYOND their $29.95 monthly fee under Shopify's name. I was paying for MESA's $29.99 monthly plan, and I didn't have more than 800 emails sent ALL YEAR via MESA, yet MESA billed me HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS beyond their $29.99 monthly fee under "shopify" on my banking statement. I thought those were merchant fees, but now I know MESA was charging astronomical and probably illegal fees under shopify's name. Additionally, MESA is trying to claim I registered under a different fee schedule less than a year ago, than what MESA has advertised now. I have repeatedly asked MESA to show me the fee schedule I supposedly registered under and MESA will not provide this despite multiple requests for it. I programmed a single email to be sent to select product orders with MESA. We probably had less than 800 emails sent with MESA, and now MESA is trying to claim they sent over 55,000 emails when we barely had 3,000 total orders for the year. MESA can't account for their mathematical impossibility. Emailing back and forth with Annette at MESA doesn't work - she ignores math and keeps changing her terminology between calling the service triggers, automations, counts - this all feels like ONE BIG FRAUD! I have the emails and MESA's false report showing #s that don't exist when compared to the #s that were processed on shopify!

CE Institute LLC
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