Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger Bot

作成: Judge.me

Chatbot for automatic replies + Sell on Facebook Messenger

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Engage customers 24/7

Create customized, automated messages and chat campaigns on FB Messenger. No special skills needed. Never miss a new conversation again!

Make a visual impact

Capture attention with a stunning product carousel. Simply add product pictures, descriptions and review stars and ratings from Judge.me.

Boost sales beyond Messenger

Get customers to buy more by linking directly to your checkout page. Didn’t make the sale? Find out why by asking the right questions.

Facebook Messenger Botの詳細情報

Our app helps you to create and send automated messages to your customers on Facebook Messenger.

It's all about timing

What if you can respond to your new customers all the time? With our chatbot, you can setup a series of automatic, customized responses to engage your potential customers when they start chatting with you on Facebook business page.

With this app, you can:

  • Instantly reply to every new customer
  • Showcase your products by adding pictures, descriptions and Judge.me product review stars and ratings
  • Boost sales by linking your customers to the checkout page of your store
  • Capture important information that can help you to convert your leads into real customers

Key features:

  • Multiple way of starting chats: Welcome new customers to your store by replying to those that send a message to your page. Or send out a specific link to initiate a different type of conversation, for example, tell users more about a new product collection or give them a discount.
  • Product carousel: Let customers buy from messenger. They will be redirected to the checkout page to complete the process.
  • Picture gallery: Showcase collections or different campaigns with image carousel. Each image can contain different buttons that can perform different actions.
  • User input: Gather information from users. The information is stored in response bucket.
  • Text responses: add custom texts, links and phone numbers to your responses.
  • Automatic integration with Judge.me Product Reviews. Stars and average ratings are easily added to each product in the carousel.

Simple pricing

  • Our pricing is straightforward and competitive. We are free to install so you can check out all our features without being charged. The first 50 active users who interact with the chatbot each month are always free. Thereafter, each additional active user per month costs only 2¢, up to a maximum of $99. You will never pay more than what you use.

We are agency & partner friendly: Free for development stores


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Forever Free


  • Install without worrying about fees

  • Interact with up to 50 active users for free

  • Use all the features in the app

Awesome Chatbot


From $0.02 per user each month after 50 users

  • Want to go beyond 50 users?

  • Upgrade and pay only for what you use

  • Just $0.02 for each extra active user you interact with

  • Till a cap of $99

* すべての料金は米ドルで請求されます。 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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We are Ecommerce company, we are using Judge application and found it really very helpful for us.
The main good point is support, also cost is not bad comparing with the application feature.