FB Messenger Marketing & Sales

FB Messenger Marketing & Sales

da GoBeyond.ai

Increase Sales, Automate Customer Service & Marketing using AI

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1 Click FB Messenger Chatbot

Our Smart Chatbot Sells, Markets, & Auto Respond to FB Comments. Pin Bot to your Store & Increase Sales.

Abandoned Cart & Upselling

Bot automatically reaches out via email and text when your cart has been abandoned. After Sale bot upsells and downsells customer.

Customer Service & Lead Gen

Customer Service is powered by AI and can answer the most common customer shipping questions. Bot generates New Leads & Customer Reviews.

Sobre FB Messenger Marketing & Sales

Super Powerful Messenger Chatbot for Shopify

Automates Sales: Up Selling, Down Selling and Abandoned Cart Recovery via Messenger

Automates Marketing: Have the bot auto respond on all of you FB Comments and increase sales. Additionally, use Bot as a part of your sales funnels and get 90% open rates and 45% click through rates via your bot.

Provides Customer Service: You bot will be able to answer questions regarding order status, shipping, saving you countless hours and hundreds of dollars spent on VAs.

Turn your Store into a Bot in 1 Click: Get Bot up and running in 7 minutes! Our Shopify App automatically exports your entire store and keeps it updated in Chatfuel. We also tie in advanced features like AI powered Customer Service.

Generates New Leads: Bot automatically turns users into leads by capturing their email address and gathering insightful user data.

We Leverage AI and make your Bot Smart

  • Smart Upsell via Messenger & Email
  • Smart Downselling via Messenger & Email
  • Recover Abandoned Cart via Messenger & Email
  • Audience Segmentations
  • Sales Funnels
  • Auto Respond to FB Comments
  • Target Specific Customers

Advanced Customer Service Answers basic customer service questions regarding order status and delivery. We also have a Live Person Take Over.

INCREASE SALES Bot can track user's behavior. Auto upsell and downsell using Artificial Intelligence.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Using our AI Systems we can predict the best time for you to sell to your customers.

SAVE TIME Bot is on 24/7 which means you can save money on customer service agents.

Integração com

  • Chatfuel,
  • FB Messenger

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  • Sales Funnels

  • Audience Segmentation

  • Push Notifications

  • Customer Service

  • Auto Respond to FB Comments

  • Messenger Plugins



  • All of Gold +

  • Auto Abandoned Cart



  • All of Gold & Platinum +

  • Increased Sales

  • Auto Unselling

  • Auto Down-selling

  • New Lead Generation & Email Capture

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2.6 de 5 estrelas

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Avaliações mais recentes

Mighty Wallet

For many months my customers can't retrieve simple order info or ANY info for that matter. It's frustrating because in theory this app should be great but it's not performing even the basic tasks I've asked for help and perhaps can update this review if it's all fixed but for now its a disappointment.


This app works well and is very easy to use once you follow the videos. We love being able to use automatically recover carts and integrate with 3rd party bot builders like Chatfuel.

Vie Belles Cutlery

Very bad it is not working, the price is high. No customer service. Useless.
The idea is good and the main platform is good but totally disappointed.