Messenger channel

Messenger channel

de Shopify

Sell products and provide customer support from Messenger.

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Sell more with Messenger

Sell products from your Messenger chats and let customers check out without leaving the app.

Keep customers updated

Automatically send customers detailed order status updates in Messenger.

Provide customer support

Add the Message Us button to give shoppers an easy way to start real-time conversations while they browse your products.

Acerca de Messenger channel

Sell on Messenger

The Messenger channel adds your products to a menu that shoppers can purchase from while chatting with your Facebook Page. Shoppers that browse your online store can use Messenger to ask questions before and after purchase. At checkout, customers can opt-in to get updates on the status of their order in Messenger.

With Shopify and the Messenger channel, you can:

  • let shoppers browse products and make purchases from your Messenger chat
  • send automated order updates to customers from Messenger
  • customize the messages, buttons, and menu item titles that shoppers interact with
  • add a “Message Us” button to your online store and have real-time conversations with shoppers (requires online store)
  • provide support to customers with questions about their purchase
  • fulfill Messenger orders from Shopify
  • track Facebook sales using your sales channel overview and Analytics pages

Eligibility requirements

  • To use the Messenger channel, you need admin access to the Facebook Page where you send and receive messages.
  • Automated order updates require selling in a currency supported by Facebook.
  • The Message Us button requires the online store channel.

Learn more about selling on Messenger by visiting the website in the "Sales and support" section of this page.

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2.6 con 5 estrellas

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FilAsian Grocery

I installed the App. During Test Phase every functionality is working. Shop Now, Browse and Learn More buttons were showing automatically whenever customers are using the app. However, after going live, all auto replies and buttons are not working. I installed and re-installed the app multiple times and tried to reconfigure manually but it did not do anything. This is frustrating.


While trying to install this app, I am experiencing endless redirects. After about 30 attempts to refresh the page, I am unable to access the settings. How can I uninstall this? I do not see an option to uninstall.

Barn & Jones

cant even connect to my facebook page stupid app. coming from a big company such as shopify not even a fix for this?

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8 de octubre de 2020

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I'll be following up via email to learn about your experience and investigate the issue further. - Veena, Shopify Support