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20. prosinec 2023

This app is fantastic.
It does everything it says it will, with a very streamlined gui - unlike some other apps.

More importantly, the customer service is next level. Best I have ever received on shopify.
I had an issue showing a metaobject, and spent hours searching google for an answer, I gave up and contacted Sasha at Metafield Guru, who has fixed the issue for me.
Please note, this is not an issue he needed to fix for me, as this issue was not to do with his app directly. But he helped me all the same.

Fantastic App, fantastic customer service... very happy - have installed on both my websites.

Real Aquatics
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13. říjen 2023

I am in love with this app! Not only is it ideal for managing metafields, it also provides product data NOT included in Shopify's native product exports such as date of creation and GID.

The best thing is the level of service they provide. We needed help populating a metafield list based on traditional tags. Sasha with Metafields Guru responded to our questions quickly and asked me very good questions to clarify what we needed. He then created a spreadsheet for me that we were able to import to complete the task.

Creating the spreadsheet was complicated and beyond my abilities. Sasha and the rest of his team were able to do what I could not. This saved me hours of work and frustration.

If I could give them 10 stars, I would!

Happy Up Inc Toys & Games
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11. srpen 2023

Sasha is very helpful and is willing to go the extra mile to help, even the request is very minor such as moving the existing Metafields into a newly created Metafield Group/ Set.

I hope all vendors will do the same when the client is asking for a minor task without hesitation.

PPG Aerospace Store
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31. říjen 2023

I very powerful tool. If you use metafields in your Shopify store in any way, you really should be using this.

The Black Bow Jewelry Company
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13. prosinec 2023

This app is a must have for any site using metafields. It can easily add as many metafields as you need in minutes. Simple to use with a great UI and knowledge page. I am very new to metafields so I did have a few questions about the app and its capabilities. Sasha in support was beyond helpful and answered any emails thoroughly and extremely quick.
If you use metafields for your site, I would highly recommend this app.

Mississauga Hardware Centre Inc
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6. únor 2024

Quality customer service!

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14. prosinec 2023

This is the best Metafields management software I've ever used, featuring an outstanding user experience design and exceptional value for cost. Moreover, the CEO assisted me in resolving the issues I encountered. CEO's efficiency is top-notch, and extremely approachable and friendly.

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28. leden 2024

I'm a Shopify newbie and was struggling to get to grips with Metafields and Collapsable Rows on my product page. I reached out to Sasha who responded super fast and provided me with a very detailed and easy to understand solution. Fantastic support and brilliant app! :)

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17. srpen 2023

Really amazing app and even better support - can't rate highly enough. Anyone needing custom meta data setup, use this app first

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14. srpen 2023

Extraordinary app, essential for anyone wanting to work with Metafields for Shopify 2.0. The app has been a huge time saver, it's easy to use and it covers unimaginable features. Lots of work and thinking has obviously gone into it. A big thanks so Sasha, the genius developer who has helped us get set up. Highly recommended app *****

for the Ageless
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