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9. februar 2023

While the app seems like a fantastic idea, the app is too far from perfect. The app does not allow for a full hands-on trial. You are only limited to the “Free Version” that in the essence is a useless tier. In order to really test drive the app you will need to purchase a paid plan, oh wait your store has too many products so you’ll need to be on the top paid tier. Wow… $60.00 just to test an app… Yikes. Turns out the app was not successful at editing our metafields and has now filled in $0.00, now causing other issues. When trying to talk with support they are not addressing our real problem, they keep trying to blame the user for the issues as well as keep touting how wonderful the app is. Too bad to say the least… I would review some other apps before working with Metafields Guru (not). All in all, we tossed out $60.00, so a pretty good win for the developer I suppose.

Fusion Scale Hobbies
2 dage bruger appen
256 Development svarede 11. februar 2023

Well, today is the day - our first negative review 🙃. For the sake of justice, I’d like to share more details about this situation.

The merchant reached out to us and reported an issue with the data they imported from a CSV file using our app. Upon further investigation, I discovered that the data was imported correctly. However, even though the data was correct in the backend, it was not getting displayed on the storefront. Usually, this indicates a theme problem, so I offered help with checking this theory. The merchant provided me with access to their store and I checked the source code of their active theme. Turned out that there was a piece of code that converted string metafields into numbers before displaying them on the product page. The problem was that said code expected values to be formatted in a very specific way. The merchant accidentally used a slightly different format while populating values in their CSV file, which resulted in the code being unable to process the data. I offered two different options for resolving the issue, and it looks like the merchant ended up using one of them. But the merchant was still upset about the situation, so they decided to keep this review. It's a shame that a third-party issue ruined the experience of using our app.

- Sasha