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14 juillet 2015

This is a must have utility application to get around the limited scope of Shopify content types.

Metafields can be customised to your hearts content to suit specific needs. Not an application for store owners.

Environ 8 ans d’utilisation de l’application
11 mai 2015

This app is great for adding customizing product specs that aren't available by default through Shopify. Highly recommended

Koala Logic
Presque 6 ans d’utilisation de l’application
11 décembre 2015

Great app! A must have if you use metafields!

Presque 4 ans d’utilisation de l’application
24 mai 2013

Great app, fantastic! It would be good to be able to import meta data for a batch of products in one go. Are there any plans for this or any work around to do it currently?

Plus de 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
26 janvier 2015

This app may not be for everyone--you may not even need to use it for your theme. But, I had some very specific needs for the site's homepage that couldn't be coded using the "Edit HTML/CSS" option for various reasons. So, if you have a special need like that, this is great. And it's free.

The Vape Vet Store
Presque 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
2 septembre 2014

Just what I was looking for to customise my client's products. So easy to use - saved me a lot of time. You don't find good apps like this that are free so I appreciate that too. Thanks for this great and very useful app.

Electric Bikes Brisbane
Presque 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
3 avril 2013

Great app!!! just what we needed to be able to store and add additional product information. In our case we needed to record the size and scale of our products in an easy way and output those variables onto our product page. Metafields was the solution without question. www.redhottoys.co.uk

Red Hot Toys
Plus d'un an d’utilisation de l’application
9 avril 2015

Works great. This functionality really should be built into the default shopify interface though.

Plus d'un an d’utilisation de l’application
13 juillet 2015

this app is free and helps you find flaws with your products if you have a lot of apps, for example, did you accidentally duplicate your bold-apps sale item? then it has metafields it should not have.

cant figure out how to clear it up? use this app

it's not meant to be excellent on the UI it's meant to get the job done and it really does what it says it will do, that's why i give 5 stars

advanced users may have some more use out of it but we use it to spot check our site

Low Carb Canada
8 mois d’utilisation de l’application
29 avril 2019

Great App, Very Useful and makes your products look 1000 times better with all the different metafields you can add

Plus de 7 ans d’utilisation de l’application