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Metafields Editor

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Extend your products, variants, collections with Metafields

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Store more product information

Extend your product and variants with additional fields called Metafields that describes your products or variants.

Enhance Your Store

Use new fields as Metafields in your store themes to enhance your product listing, collection listing, customers info. etc.

Bulk Edit

Import and Export Metafields in bulk. Backup your Metafields safely.

Über Metafields Editor

About Metafields Editor

Metafield for Shopify allow you to add additional custom data in your Shopify store. Metafields can be used in products , variants, collections, customers, orders, page, blogs, and articles. We are one of the first apps available for Metafields.

Metafields Editor allows you to create, add, and modify metafields in your store.


  • Metafield is used to describe additional attributes about your products , variants and collection etc. They are often used in Shopify theme development to store product information that cannot be stored in Shopify Admin. Theme designers utilize metafields to store information such as additional attributes on products and variants, size charts, image, video information and much more.
  • You can add unlimited number of metafields for all resource types.
  • The interface is very simple and you can perform almost all tasks on a single page. You can add new metafield, modify existing ones, and delete metafields.
  • Please note that Metafield is a Shopify feature and it has nothing to do with SEO. Do not confuse it with meta tags for html.
  • Use our import/export to edit a lot of metafields all at once.


I added some Metafields. How to I make my metafields show up in my store?

To make metafield appear, you would need to modify your Shopify theme files if your theme does not already have build-in support for Metafields. To learn about Shopify themes, you can review tutorials from Shopify on theme editing. Or you can engage with a theme designer to customize your themes.

I changed my themes and now metafields are not appearing in my store. Why?

Your previous theme might have customization that reads your metafields. Make sure such customization is carried over to your new theme.



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10 for 1000 credits to be used for imports/exports

  • Basic Plan allows you to edit Metafields for different resources in Shopify. Import and Export are available on a credit system.



  • Pro Plan includes everything in Basic plus the ability to do unlimited import/export without credits.



  • For Shopify Plus customers. Includes everything in Basic Plan plus the ability to do unlimited import/export without credits.



10 for 1000 credits to be used for imports/exports

  • Great for store that is just getting started or in development mode. Limited to only 3000 products.

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super fast support per email.
Tool works as promised. Great tool.
The description is how it works
Thank You.

Slimes By Chelsie

i was recommended by shopify customer support for this app for help with attributes on my product page!

Petsdeli Staging

I used the Metafields Editor to upload Custom IDs in bulk which saved me a lot of time and effort! Eporting your metafields takes quite a long time and the format of the CSV you get is a bit odd but overall it is an indispensable tool.