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Metafields Manager

Metafields Manager

Developed by The Best Agency

19 reviews
Price: Free – $20.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Turn Shopify into a full fledged Content Management System for your business. Add extra descriptions, images, upload files, embed videos, and more.
  • Bulk edit metafields. Import and Export all Metafields to and from your different stores.
  • Spend less money customizing your themes, hosting data, and maintaining extra fields.

☆☆ Rated the best advanced metafield editor for Shopify ☆☆

Take full control of your store with Metafields Manager

Trying to add more fields than just the title and description? Well, with Metafields Manager, it's finally easy!

This app allows you extend your storefront using Shopify's Metafields. With Metafields Manager you can add as many metafields as you could possibly need to your Shopify store! You can add metafields to Products, Articles, Blogs, Collections, Pages, and Globally to the entire shop. This app lets you turn your Shopify store into a fully fledged CMS system. We rely on the existing Shopify infrastructure, so you don't ever have to worry about scaling or hosting costs! No payment information is required to get started.

Tried other "field" apps and found they're difficult to use and don't keep anything organized? We're the only one that offers 24/7 Support to make sure your implementation goes smoothly. Also unlike other apps that want to own your data- we let you store your files on the Shopify or your own Amazon S3 account so you own everything you create- just how it should be.

Using this app you can create a wide variety of valuable functionality and custom fields at a fraction of the development cost!

Some examples of what you can do with the Metafield Manager app are:

  • Add Videos to Products, Blog Posts, Collections and more.

  • Add Extra Images and HTML content to Products, Posts, Pages, Collections and more.

  • Add related products or related articles.

  • Create and Manage Homepage, Collection, Blog, or Product Sliders.

  • Import and export Metafields in bulk using our CSV uploader.

What types of fields are available?

  • Images

  • File Uploads (Single & Multiple)

  • HTML

  • Link

  • Infinite Lists

  • Date

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Video

  • Checkboxes

  • Select Boxes

  • Numbers

  • Custom Objects (create your own types of data)

Where can I attach these fields?

  • Products & Variants

  • Orders

  • Collections

  • Pages

  • Blogs

  • Customers

  • Shop (can be used on any template)

Metafields Manager lets you easily perform bulk import and export for any of your metafields using CSV!

See more tutorials at the Metafield Manager website!

Migrating from another metafield editor?

Metafields Manager works with any of your existing metafields. You can even import and export metafields from other apps. You can also create and continue to edit already existing metafields so you don't need to edit to your existing site to start using Metafields Manager if you're annoyed with a different Metafield app. No migration or theme changes required!

Our app makes it easy to set up custom functionality for your business. Once the functionality has been built, our easy to use dashboard makes it a snap to maintain. No more having to go back and forth with developers to enter content!

Metafield Manager is a must have app for business owners and an incredible tool for developers. With it you can unleash the full potential of Shopify and differentiate your business.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

We take your business needs very seriously and are always here to support you. Need proof? Check out all our 5 star reviews. If you have a question, just ask! We are happy to answer any questions you may have to ensure you get the best experience possible from Metafields Manager. We will even build new features just for you!

See our app in action on our flagship store Rose & Rex!

For Developers

Metafields Manager will increase your productivity and allow you to exceed client expectations like never before. We host all of our data and embed it directly within Shopify's metafields feature. You can create complex functionality without having manage a second server just for content.

Some other benefits include

  • Easy file hosting for video image etc...

  • Host your images using Shopify's CDN or use your own Amazon S3 bucket.

  • Code generation makes it a no-brainer to insert extra fields into your liquid layout

  • Custom Objects allow you to define "one to many" data relationships with shopify objects

  • Custom namespaces let you easily migrate from other Metafields apps to Metafields Manager.

  • Shop Import/Export and CSV Import/Export make syncing development storefronts easy.

Metafields Manager lets you add metafields to the any and all Shopify Objects. This includes all of the following:

  • Products

  • Product Variants

  • Pages

  • Collections

  • Articles

  • Customers

  • Blogs

  • Orders

  • The Global Shop Object

We also include a flexible and secure API so you can edit individual metafield values using AJAX requests. This feature is documented here and can be used to create advanced functionality within your storefront.

Contact us for development tips and tricks! Happy Coding.

Metafields Manager reviews

19 reviews
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Hands down the best metafields app, particularly for large inventory shop migrations. As far as I know it's the only metafields app that can bulk upload metafield values. For a shop with hundreds of products, you can probably guess how helpful this is. Now I'm a little spoiled. Jason also gives such great support!


Metafields Manager allows you to extend flexibility to your store and creatively make so much more than the average shopify experience. The app's developer, Jason, is responsive, accommodating, helpful, and kind. If you are a developer -
you will love this app. We can't thank Jason enough for all the support he has provided us over the course of building our store. Five stars for the app and Jason.


Great app.
Thanks to it. We can solve more tan 40% of issues on our store.
Jason was really helpul.


I've had a great experience so far using the app. Jason was really helpful writing some logic that I needed to use to make a collection metafield work for me. The HTML and image upload options for entering content into metafields are really nice.


Excellent app and great support! This app has given me the flexibility to build my store exactly the way I want. The interface is clean and intuitive. I especially like how it generates copy-and-paste code snippets for a product's metafields. This is a must-have for my shop and anybody else who wants to build a dynamic site.


Metafields Manager is truly awesome and it has enabled us to add all of the data to our products in to metafields and then display the data where required on the product pages. Adding detailed information to product descriptions in Shopify can be tricky as you have just one description field to add everything and if you have complicated descriptions or data that you need to split up, to potentially add to tabs or display on a specific part of the product page, this app allows you to do exactly that.

The support from The Best Agency who have designed the app has been one of the best support experiences we have had with any Shopify app developer. We required some additional functions to be added to the app which the developer was not only happy to carry out but completed the work in just a few days. They also responded to emails within just a few hours.

Worth noting, you can link the app to your own Amazon S3 account, so any files that you add within the Metafields manager app such as MP3 or PDF files are sent directly to your own S3 account…very useful! Or you can simply leave it as default which will add any uploads to the Shopify CDN system.

I thoroughly recommend Metafields Manager as the best custom metafield system out there for Shopify.


Metafields Manager helped us solve some of Shopify's native restrictions and we were able to implement a reasonable solution to our store needs.

The app developer offered excellent and comprehensive customer support and was always prompt to answer any questions.

We highly recommend.


A great app. Customer support was tremendous. They were quick to respond and even helped us out with our implementation.

Thanks to Metafields Manager we can customize our store to our heart's content. We can also host video and images at no additional cost. I can't imagine developing a Shopify store without it...


Other entrepreneurs always ask me how I created such a feature-rich store on Shopify; the answer is simple, with Metafields Manager. Our developers were able to develop all our extra features with no trouble at all. Plus, we get to manage it all from the Shopify Admin making maintenance a breeze and keeping everything simple.

Because of Metafields Manager we got to have our cake and eat it too. By leveraging the power of metafields we didn't have to put any additional work into developing an extra server. The monthly maintenance costs alone paid for the app from day one.

If you're looking to stand out by owning a medium to complex store, then I can't recommend the Metafields App enough.

Free – $20.00 / month

Free for Development Stores

14 days

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