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Metafields Master by NextGenLabs

Metafields Master by NextGenLabs

Developed by nextgenlabs.co

Price: $19.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Manage all your metafields from a one place
  • Effortless: Grouping capability helps you to limit, rearrange metafields easily
  • Smooth: Import and export successfully tested for thousands of products

Do you ever wonder why can't you have more fields than just title and description for shopify resources like products, articles, orders, customers, collections, blogs etc ? With metafields master adding custom fields is so easy.

What is metafields master ?

This app helps you to add more fields to your shopify resources like products, articles, orders, customers, collections, blogs etc. You can have as many fields as you want and use them as you like.

How to use this app

Using Metafields Master is so easy. Configure the fields you want and fill the information.

Ex: Lets take an example of adding video fields to your samsung mobiles(products).


  • Create Group named "Video". Enter type as mobiles and vendor as Samsung

  • Now add three fields as "Title", "Description", "Url"

    • Thats it. Now you can enter the video information for all samsung mobiles.

      Why Metafield Master ?

      We at NextGenLabs wants to help you do things in a smarter way. As in the video example above, why to have video fields for all products when you only want them for samsung mobiles. In the same way, if you want to add/update information for few products then why to export and import all the products which take lot of time. As mentioned earlier our goal is to help you do things in a smarter way.

      • You can create fields only for a particual sections of products

      • You can group fields

      • Ordering groups and fields is very easy

      • You can export and import only few or all products

      Make your site more attractive and easier to use! With Metafields Master, you can create as many metafields as you want to Products, Variants, Articles, Blogs, Collections, Pages, Orders and Customers. We support various field types like

      • Text

      • Html

      • Select

      • List

      • Images

      • Checkboxes

      • Radio buttons

      • Numbers

      • and more

      which helps you to enhance your store in a better way.

      You can check our help guide here


    • Can I do bulk Import and Export?

      Yes we have bulk import and export tested for thousands of products which help you do seamless bulk actions

    • Can I configure existing metafields with different namespaces?

      Configure existing metafields is easy with Metafields Master. Simply Configure a new field with the same namespace and key as existing and that’s it. Not sure how to do it? Please write us at

    • Can I group and order metafields?

      We do support grouping of metafields which helps you divide metafields into group lets say group with name Video can have metafields like Title, Url and Description. You can even order these groups and metafields

    • Can I search through products, orders, articles etc?

      Yes you can. We have inbuilt search functions which helps you to search and carry the results

    • Need more information, please contact us at support@nextgenlabs.co

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