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MetaFields Pro , 15 recensioni

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5 ottobre 2018

been paying $15/m for a couple of years and I rarely use the app. Today I decided to try it again to make some global changes and of course it doesn't work. I now have to do it manually which is FREE. So I will now cancel my subscription to this worthless app.

Wilkes & Riley
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Circa 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
3 novembre 2017

We simply want to export our products but the app can't handle the volume and so the export never works. We also request support but no response. Very frustrating.

Modern Karibou
Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
16 giugno 2015

Tried using this to bulk update over 2000 products so I could add "recommended product" metafields. Export worked eventually but was painfully slow and kept timing out, and importing a csv didn't work at all - it got to 47 lines and then stopped with no indication of whether it would restart, and it hadn't updated any of the 47 products I'd added metafields to.

Uninstalled. Probably quicker to update everything manually using the free metafields app.

Regno Unito
Circa 21 ore di utilizzo dell’app
30 settembre 2015

nice idea, poor execution: tried to import csv with only one line, before importing 1500 lines. i followed the instructions exactly as described. after several attempts with apparently being idle, i deleted the app.

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