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17 maggio 2018

It saves time when it works, but the developer takes forever to get back to you. And even then, has not fixed our problem of the import CSV not finding the product handle. An upload that worked before, we just tried to reimport to see if maybe we uploaded it incorrectly, and now it's saying there's an error with the product handle when it worked just a month ago!

Support is awful, and I'm pretty upset my third-party developer went this route to update our product descriptions.

Reve Moto
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22 dicembre 2015

Upload seems to have worked, I had about 200 products to update - but it still says it is running 4 days later, and because of that I can't run any more!

I've contact support but had no reply? I would appreciate a reply if possible otherwise I might as well cancel it during the trial.

Shame because this could be a really good app.

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