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MetaFields Pro , 15 recensioni

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1 marzo 2018

Love this app works great for adding a little extra to our SEO

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6 marzo 2019

Great Support in helping resolve Theme issue with App. Highly recommend this app for Shopify stores.
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Oltre 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
14 settembre 2018

Must-have if you're working with lots of metafields (we use metafields to structure and configure a bunch of features across the store). MetafieldsPro allows us to move large qtys of metadata, which saves a ton of time (imagine you had to do it manually). Keep it up!

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2 gennaio 2017

A real time-saver. Worth every penny.

My starting product line-up is fairly large, with over 1,500 variants. My outsourced supplier has a plug-in for Shopify, and through Shopify's regular CSV product upload I found I could only upload individual products and variants, but not the options for my supplier's plug-in. Each variant has three or four line items that need to be individually set, so this meant for me editing over 4,500 lines YEAH RIGHT .... MetaFields Pro was recommended to me by my supplier and it did the work flawlessly, allowing me to create a large CSV spreadsheet with all the options and then easily upload.

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17 luglio 2016

This app is fantastic! Webify has great support, far beyond my expectations. They really stepped up to make the app work for me in my environment.

Thank you Richard and team!


Hot Diggity Dog
29 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
13 febbraio 2016

Works great and handles a badly-needed missing function from Shopify.

I did run into the 'stalling' problem noted above. But the Webify team responded promptly and got me "un-stuck".

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15 ottobre 2017

Great app easy to use and would recommend it to everyone

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