Metal Price Bar

Metal Price Bar


Price of the precious metals in a simple and powerful bar

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Real Time Spot Pricing

With our app you will be able to get your metal prices in real time through an elegant and useful bar.

Keep your customers informed

Increase your sales by delivering important information to your customers, like the metal prices, helping them make better buying choices.

Adapts to your own style

With our customizable feature you will be able to adjust the bar to match your website style so it adapts to your corporate identity.

有關 Metal Price Bar

It is known that precious metal prices are valuable information in the jewelry and metals world; we are also aware that it is complicated to get these prices in real time and show them to your customers in an elegant and permanently updated way. Keeping all of this in mind we have developed an app that allows you to choose which metals you want to be shown on your website through a Metal Price Bar that gets fully updated, that you can customize to adapt the style of your website and most importantly that allows you to choose the source of which you want your prices to be based on. Once the app is installed all you have to do is activate it for it to be shown on your website as a price bar.

Which metals can I show on my website?

The metal prices that you can display are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Copper
  • Rhodium

Which sources can the metal prices be obtained from?

We have various sources that provide the prices in real time:

  • Kitco
  • LBMA
  • GoldPrice
  • Yahoo Finances

For each metal you want to showcase on your website you can choose a different source to be based on. For example, you can show the gold price from Kitco and the silver price from GoldPrice.

We have developed a markup system to ensure that you display a price that adapts to your needs, you can determine a set or percentage margin for each precious metal.

What can I customize?

You can customize many aspects of the appearance of the bar like the background color, font color, positioning of the bar (top or bottom), if you want it to always be visible or to disappear when scrolling down. If you’re looking for a more specific customization and you’re not familiar with HTML/CSS, worry nothing, feel free to contact us at and we’ll be glad to help you with any issues or resources.

Which currency is used to show the metal prices?

All prices are shown in USD (United States Dollars), the currency used in the metal world.


  • kitco,
  • Goldprice,
  • Yahoo Finance,
  • LBMA,
  • London Bullion



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World Quality Coins

App is not working properly, developer is not responding to support request. Would really like to get the metal prices showing at the top of my website at all times! When choosing this configuration it doesnt show at all.



Thank you so much for your review, this app has been 100% modified to ensure its full functionality and for it to be available on every store, as well as to adjust it to the latest technologies that this platform offers. We have also added more metals to the available list and also different sources where the pieces an be obtained from, like: LBMA, Kitco and GoldPrice. We will be more than glad to help you installing this feature on your website. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us to resolve any issues or concern at

Best Regards,
AtelierJewel Team