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MetaTrack auto sync tracking to your PayPal platform

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Free extra cash

Build trust and lower rolling reserve, which frees more cash to build your business.

Win disputes and chargebacks

Reduce the risk of inappropriate chargebacks or disputes, which helps to increase your profits.

Save time with automation

Automation with secure APIs and save time by manual input, which have more time on business.

有關 MetaTrack

Unlock Your Shopify Store Account Reserve

Synchronize your store’s tracking to reduce your account reserve and get funds more quickly.

  1. Automatic sync
  2. Historical sync
  3. Safe and secure

Free extra cash from reserves

Reduce your rolling reserve with minimal effort. MetaTrack synchronizes your order tracking numbers automatically to build trust and lower your rolling reserve percentage - which frees more cash to build your business.

Save time with automatic synchronization

Give all the tracking details they need to slash your fund release period. By automatically synchronizing your tracking information to improve your store’s reputation, reduce its rolling period - so you can access funds more quickly.

Sync historical trackings for FREE

MetaTrack extracts the last 60 days order trackings and sync automatically for FREE.

24/7 Support

With our dedicated support team members, we’re available to support you and your businesss at any time.


  • Order Fulfillments,
  • Dropified,
  • MassFulfill,
  • Orders by PayPal




FREE 300 credits every month, $9.99 for unlimited credits

4.6 5 顆星


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This app save me a lot of time for synchronizing shopify order trackings to PayPal. Life saver!!! Highly recommended!


Application très simple à utiliser et très efficace, ça automatise directement les inscriptions de suivi sur paypal je n'ai rien a faire d'autre merci au créateurs de l'application

L.M. Dorwart Grooming

When you first install the app & authorize the PayPal connection, it will take awhile for the app to sync so be patient and give it some time. But check back later and your historical orders (for the last 60 days) will be updated with the relevant tracking information. Also, the 300 free credits a month is generous so I have no complaints.