Metrics Hero ‑ Profit Metrics

Metrics Hero ‑ Profit Metrics

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Know the real profit of your shop

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Measure your Business Data

Get the importants kpi of your business to be sure that everything it's working well.

Measure the Profit By product

Control the Kpis of a product, and check if some product of the shop generate benefits.

Multi Shop Compatibility

Multi Shop compatibility allows you to control multiple shops of your ownership.

关于 Metrics Hero ‑ Profit Metrics

Metrics Hero application works as a dashboard to get data from the orders and mix it with facebook campaigns.

Do you know what is the exact profit of your Shopify Shop?

  • Measure the important Kpis of your shop, like orders, profit per product, ad spends and more!
  • Synchronize the data of your Facebook campaigns to know your profit in Real Time.
  • Calculate the exact amount of your profit per product assigned to a Facebook individual campaign.
  • Synchronize multiples Shops.



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