Automated profit calculation, ads, and product analysis

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Automated Store Analytics

Metriks provides you a clean overview of your story statistics over a selected period of time. Including COGs, ad spend, and custom costs.

Ad Performance Funnel

The ad funnel provides you a quick overview of your ads performance. It also allows you to change the numbers to analyze different results.

Country/currency Export

To support the new EU One Stop Shop (OSS) rules, this export shows you your revenue for each country, with the specific currencies.

Sobre Metriks

Who are we?

Are you still using Excel to calculate your store's profits?! Introducing Metriks, a platform providing store owners a compact overview of their webshops' performance. Metriks helps store owners by taking away the manual work and automating their financial overviews.

What do we offer?

Metriks offers a full set of tools that help smart store owners by saving a lot of time each day. All of these features are listed below.

Facebook, Google and Pinterest API Integration

Metriks supports the Facebook, Google, and Pinterest API. You can connect up to 15 ad accounts to your stores. This means that every time you synchronize your data, your ad spend will also be automatically registered.

Facebook Ad Funnel

As you have maybe already noticed in one of our screenshots, Metriks provides a comprehensive Facebook ad funnel. With this funnel you can analyze your ad performance. This funnel shows you where to improve. You can also change the numbers in the funnel itself. This allows you to analyze what happens when you get more 'Add to Carts', or what happens when your 'Add to Carts' get 10% cheaper!

One Stop Shop (OSS) Export

In preparation for the new European One Stop Shop rules, we offer a feature that shows what your stores revenue is per country and currency. This makes it much easier for you to register your revenue per country.

Easy Product Import & Comprehensive Price Registration

With Metriks you can easily import a selection or all of your products. You can register prices per product, variant, or even per country! Metriks also supports stacking discounts, for when you get a cheaper price from your supplier when selling more of the same product.

Order Import

Metriks provides user a one time order import to immediately get an overview of the store's performance, even in the past!

Custom Costs

Metriks offers store owners to register custom costs. These costs can be registered once or recurring. Register costs daily, weekly, monthly of even yearly. Think for example about your monthly Shopify plan, outsourced customer service or other costs.

Automatic Products and Cost of Goods (COGs) Synchronization

When you have a Advanced tier subscription, you can enjoy automatic products and cost of goods synchronization. When you enable this in the webshop menu, Metriks will synchronize your products and products cost of goods from your store. Which makes the experience even more automatic.

Currency Conversion

When using multiple currencies at the same time, Metriks will convert them all into one account-selected currency. A simple example is when your store sells products in euros and your ad spend is in dollars.

Integração com

  • Facebook Ads,
  • Google Ads,
  • Pinterest Ads

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Starter plan


  • Sync your data 4 times a day
  • 1 Webshop
  • 1 Ad Account
  • Unl. Orders
  • Ads Analysis
  • Country/currency Export
  • Currency Conversion

Professional plan


  • Sync your data 8 times a day
  • 2 Webshops
  • 2 Ad Accounts
  • Unl. Orders
  • Ads Analysis
  • Country/currency Export
  • Currency Conversion

Advanced plan


  • Sync unl. times a day
  • Unl. Webshops
  • Unl. Ad Accounts
  • Unl. Orders
  • Ads Analysis
  • Country/currency Export
  • Product and COGs Synchronization

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** As cobranças recorrentes, inclusive as baseadas em uso ou mensais, são faturadas a cada 30 dias.

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